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  1. 2009/04/16 AMIS-4168X - Fault Tolerant CAN Transceiver
General Description
The new AMIS-41682 and AMIS-41683 are interfaces between the protocol controller and the physical wires of the bus lines in a control area network (CAN). AMIS-41683 is identical to the AMIS-41682 but has a true 3.3V digital interface to the CAN controller.
The device provides differential transmit capability but will switch in error conditions to a single-wire transmitter and/or receiver. Initially it will be used for low speed applications, up to 125kBaud, in passenger cars.
Both AMIS-41682 and AMIS-41683 are implemented in I2T100 technology enabling both high-voltage analog circuitry and digital functionality to co-exist on the same chip.
These products consolidate the expertise of AMIS for in-car multiplex transceivers and support together with AMIS-30522 (VAN), AMIS-30660 and AMIS-30663 (CAN High Speed) and AMIS-30600 (LIN) another widely used physical layer.

Key Features
*Fully compatible with ISO11898-3 standard
*Optimized for in-car low-speed communication
-Baud rate up to 125kBaud
-Up to 32 nodes can be connected
-Due to built-in slope control function and a very good matching of the CANL and CANH bus outputs, this device realizes a very low electromagnetic emission (EME)
-Fully integrated receiver filters
-Permanent dominant monitoring of transmit data input
-Differential receiver with wide common-mode range for high electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) in normal- and low-power modes
-True 3.3V digital I/O interface to CAN controller for AMIS-41683 only
*Management in case of bus failure
-In the event of bus failures, automatic switching to single-wire mode, even when the CANH bus wire is short circuited to VCC
-The device will automatically reset to differential mode if the bus failure is removed
-During failure modes there is full wake-up capability.
-Un-powered nodes do not disturb bus lines
-Bus errors and thermal shutdown activation is flagged on ERRB pin
*Protection issues
-Short circuit proof to battery and ground
-Thermal protection
-The bus lines are protected against transients in an automotive environment
-An un-powered node does not disturb the bus lines
*Support for low power modes
-Low current sleep and standby mode with wake-up via the bus lines
-Power-on flag on the output
-Two-edge sensitive wake-up input signal via pin WAKEB
-The un-powered chip cannot be parasitically supplied either from digital inputs nor from digital outputs.


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