The DFM600BXS17-A000 is a single 1700V, fast recovery diode (FRD) module. Designed for low
power loss, the module is suitable for a variety of high voltage applications in motor drives and power conversion.
Fast switching times and low reverse recovery losses allow high frequency operation making the device suitable for the latest drive designs employing pwm and high frequency switching.
The module incorporates an electrically isolated base plate and low inductance construction enabling circuit designers to optimise circuit layouts and utilise grounded heat sinks for safety.

*Low Reverse Recovery Charge
*High Switching Speed
*Low Forward Voltage Drop
*Isolated Copper Base plate

*Chopper Diodes
*Boost and Buck Converters
*Free-wheel Circuits
*Snubber Circuit
*Resonant Converters
*Multi-level Switch Inverters

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General Description
 The AAT1110 SwitchReg™ is a member of AnalogicTech's Total Power Management IC™
(TPMIC™) product family. It is a 1.4MHz stepdown converter with an input voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V and output as low as 0.6V. Its low supply current, small size, and high switching frequency make the AAT1110 the ideal choice for portable applications.
 The AAT1110 is available in either a fixed version with internal feedback or a programmable version with external feedback resistors. It can deliver up to 800mA of load current while maintaining a low 27µA no load quiescent current. The 1.4MHz switching frequency minimizes the size of external components while keeping switching losses low.
 The AAT1110 feedback and control delivers excellent load regulation and transient response with a small output inductor and capacitor.
The AAT1110 is designed to maintain high efficiency throughout the operating range and provides fast turn-on time.

 The AAT1110 is available in a space-saving 2.0x2.1mm SC70JW-8 package and is rated over
the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

• VIN Range: 2.7V to 5.5V
• VOUT Fixed or Adjustable from 0.6V to VIN
• 27µA No Load Quiescent Current
• Output Current Up to 800mA
• 1.4MHz Switching Frequency
• 120µs Soft Start
• Fast Load Transient
• Over-Temperature Protection
• Current Limit Protection
• 100% Duty Cycle Low-Dropout Operation
• <1µA of Shutdown Current
• SC70JW-8 Package
• Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

• Cellular Phones
• Digital Cameras
• Handheld Instruments
• Microprocessor / DSP Core / IO Power
• PDAs and Handheld Computers
• USB Devices


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• Glass passivated junction
• Hermetically sealed package
• Soft recovery characteristics
• Low reverse current
• Low forward voltage drop
• High pulse current capability

Fast rectification diode in S.M.P.S

Mechanical Data
Case: SOD-64 Sintered glass case
Terminals: Plated axial leads, solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026
Polarity: Color band denotes cathode end
Mounting Position: Any
Weight: approx. 858 mg


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