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  1. 2009/02/26 BCM56700 - 16-PORT, 192-GBPS LOSSLESS SWITCH FABRIC
General Description
The BCM56700 switch fabric is designed to enable next-generation modular and stackable Ethernet switching systems based on Broadcom’s industry-leading StrataXGS® family of switches.
The BCM56700 enables vendors to design a chassis system that provides:
*A variety of line cards to match user requirements
*Multiple generations of upgrades in functionality and port density
*Cost reduction with every new generation of line cards

*Sixteen 12+ Gbps HiGig2™ or HiGig+™ switch fabric ports
*Non-blocking 192-Gbps wirespeed fabric performance
*Forwarding rate of 240 million packets per second
*Scalable to 1.28 terabit switch in multistage configuration
*Sixteen integrated high-speed XAUI™ interfaces
*Eight priority queues per port for user data
*Dedicated queues for system management packets and flow control messages allow user data to have eight levels of priority.
*Supports deficit round-robin, weighted round-robin, and strict-priority scheduling algorithms
*Service-aware flow control guarantees packet delivery.
*Port trunking and mirroring across multiple devices
*Hardware-based mechanism to minimize packet loss in case of link failure
*Hot-swap capable with AC coupling
*Resilient link configuration through active multipath forwarding
*Configuration and management via PCI interface
*Advanced diagnostic features including IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan, JTAG, and extensive BIST functionality

*Switch fabric in high-performance chassis systems
*Switch fabric in high-end stand-alone or stackable Gigabitand 10-Gigabit Ethernet switches
*HiGig™ switch fabric in advanced TCA chassis platforms

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