The ML2726 is a fully integrated 2.0Mbps frequency shift keyed (FSK) transceiver that operates in the unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. The device has been optimized for digital cordless telephone applications and includes all the frequency generation, receive and transmit functions. Automatically adjusted filters eliminate mechanical tuning. Closed loop modulation eliminates frequency drift and permits practically unlimited TX duration. The transmitter generates a 3dBm FSK output signal.
The 2.0Mbps data rate permits data spreading, such as Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) modulation, which improves range. The dual conversion Low-IF receiver has all of the sensitivity and selectivity advantages of a traditional super-heterodyne without requiring costly, bulky external filters, while providing the integration advantages of direct conversion.
The phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizer is completely integrated, including the voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), tuning circuits, and VCO resonator. This allows the ML2726 to be used in frequency hopped spread spectrum (FHSS) applications.
The ML2726 contains internal voltage regulation. It also contains PLL and transmitter configuration registers. The device can be placed in a low power standby mode for current sensitive applications. It is packaged in a “Green” Pb-Free 32TQFP.

*Complete 2.4GHz FSK Transceiver
-High data rate (2.048 Mbps)
--80dBm sensitivity @ 0.1% BER (typ)
-3dBm Output Power (differential, typ)
*Closed Loop TX Modulation
*Low IF Receiver: No external IF filters required.
*Fully Integrated frequency synthesizer:
-No external resonator required.
*Sigma-Delta Fractional-N two-port modulator
*Automatic Filter Alignment
-No manufacturing adjustments required.
*No external data slicer components required
*Control outputs correctly sequence and control PA
*3-wire control interface
*Analog RSSI output

*2.4GHz FSK Data Transceivers
-Digital Cordless Telephones
-Wireless PC Peripherals
-Wireless Game Controllers
-Wireless Streaming Media

ML2726DH, ML2726DH-T

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General Description
The TH72001 FSK transmitter IC is designed for applications in the 315 MHz industrial-scientific-medical (ISM) band. It can also be used for any other system with carrier frequencies ranging from
290 MHz to 350 MHz.
The transmitter's carrier frequency fc is determined by the frequency of the reference crystal fref. The integrated PLL synthesizer ensures that carrier frequencies, ranging from 290 MHz to 350 MHz, can be achieved. This is done by using a crystal with a reference frequency according to: fref = fc/N, where N = 32 is the PLL feedback divider ratio.

*Fully integrated PLL-stabilized VCO
*Frequency range from 290 MHz to 350 MHz
*Single-ended RF output
*FSK through crystal pulling allows modulation from DC to 40 kbit/s
*High FSK deviation possible for wideband data transmission
*Wide power supply range from 1.95 V to 5.5 V
*Very low standby current
*On-chip low voltage detector
*High over-all frequency accuracy
*FSK deviation and center frequency independently adjustable
*Adjustable output power range from -12 dBm to +11 dBm
*Adjustable current consumption from 3.2 mA to 10.3 mA
*Conforms to FCC part 15 and similar standards
*8-pin Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)

Application Examples
*General digital data transmission
*Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
*Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
*Wireless access control
*Alarm and security systems
*Garage door openers
*Remote Controls
*Home and building automation
*Low-power telemetry systems


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The XR-2211 is a monolithic phase-locked loop (PLL) system especially designed for data communications applications.
It is particularly suited for FSK modem applications.
It operates over a wide supply voltage range of 4.5 to 20V and a wide frequency range of 0.01Hz to 300kHz.
It can accommodate analog signals between 10mV and 3V, and can interface with conventional DTL, TTL, and ECL logic families.
The circuit consists of a basic PLL for tracking an input signal within the pass band, a
quadrature phase detector which provides carrier detection, and an FSK voltage comparator which provides FSK demodulation.
External components are used to independently set center frequency, bandwidth, and output
An internal voltage reference proportional to the power supply is provided at an output pin.
The XR-2211 is available in 14 pin packages specified for military and industrial temperature ranges.

*Wide Frequency Range, 0.01Hz to 300kHz
*Wide Supply Voltage Range, 4.5V to 20V
*HCMOS/TTL/Logic Compatibility
*FSK Demodulation, with Carrier Detection
*Wide Dynamic Range, 10mV to 3V rms
*Adjustable Tracking Range, +1% to 80%
*Excellent Temp. Stability, +50ppm/°C, max.


*Caller Identification Delivery
*FSK Demodulation
*Data Synchronization
*Tone Decoding
*FM Detection
*Carrier Detection


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