General Description
The HT25LC512 is a 512K-bit OTP ROM of which function and pin assignment are compatible with AT25F512 and can directly replace the AT25F512 for cost down purposes when the memory in the system is just read only. There are 512K bits of memory which are organized as 65536 words of 8 bits each. The HT25LC512 uses a serial interface to sequentially access its data.
The simple serial interface facilitates hardware layout, increase system reliability, minimize switching noise, and reduce package size and active pin count. The device is optimized for use in many commercial and industrial applications where high density, low pin count, low
voltage, and low power consumption are essential. The device operates at clock frequencies up to 10MHZ. The HT25LC512 is enabled through the chip select pin CS) and accessed via a three-wire interface consisting of the Serial Input (SI), Serial Output (SO), and the Serial Clock (SCK). The HOLD pin may be used to suspend any serial communication without resetting the
serial sequence.

*Operating voltage: 2.7V~3.6V
*Programming voltage
- VPP=12.5V#0.2V
- VCC=6.0V#0.2V
*512K-bit OTP ROM, access command compatible with AT25F512
*64K$8-bit organization
*12MHz max. clock frequency @VCC=2.7V, 15MHz max. clock frequency @VCC=3.0V
*Serial interface architecture
*Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible - modes 0 and 3
*CMOS and TTL compatible inputs and outputs
*Pin assignment compatible with AT25F512
*Commercial temperature range (0%C to +70%C)
*8-pin SOP package

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 The Am27C040 is a 4 Mbit ultraviolet erasable programmable read-only memory.
It is organized as 512K bytes, operates from a single +5 V supply, has a static standby mode, and features fast single address location programming.
The device is available in windowed ceramic DIP packages and plastic one-time programmable
(OTP) packages.
Data can be typically accessed in less than 90 ns, allowing high-performance microprocessors to operate without any WAIT states.
The device offers separate Output Enable (OE#) and Chip Enable (CE#) controls, thus eliminating bus contention in a multiple bus microprocessor system.
AMD’s CMOS process technology provides high speed, low power, and high noise immunity. Typical power consumption is only 100 mW in active mode, and 50 μW in standby mode.
All signals are TTL levels, including programming signals.
Bit locations may be programmed singly, in blocks, or at random.
The device supports AMD’s Flashrite programming algorithm (100 μs pulses) resulting in typical programming time of 1 minute.

* Fast access time
- Available in speed options as fast as 90 ns
* Low power consumption
- <10 μA typical CMOS standby current
* JEDEC-approved pinout
- Plug-in upgrade for 1 Mbit and 2 Mbit EPROMs
- Easy upgrade from 28-pin JEDEC EPROMs
* Single +5 V power supply
* ±10% power supply tolerance standard
* 100% Flashrite™ programming
- Typical programming time of 1 minute
* Latch-up protected to 100 mA from –1 V to VCC + 1 V
* High noise immunity
* Compact 32-pin DIP, PDIP, PLCC packages



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The FM8P54/56 series is a family of low-cost, high speed, high noise immunity, EPROM/ROM-based 8-bit CMOS microcontrollers.
It employs a RISC architecture with only 42 instructions.
All instructions are single cycle except for program branches which take two cycles.
The easy to use and easy to remember instruction set reduces development time significantly.
The FM8P54/56 series consists of Power-on Reset (POR), Brown-out Reset (BOR), Power-up Reset Timer (PWRT), Oscillator Start-up Timer(OST), Watchdog Timer, EPROM/ROM, SRAM, tri-state I/O port, I/O pull-high/open-drain/pull-down control, Power saving SLEEP mode, real time programmable clock/counter, Interrupt, Wake-up from SLEEP mode, and Code Protection for EPROM products.
There are four oscillator configurations to choose from, including the power-saving LP (Low Power) oscillator and cost saving RC oscillator.
The FM8P54/54E address 512×13 of program memory, and the FM8P56/56E address 1K×13 of program memory.
The FM8P54/56 can directly or indirectly address its register files and data memory.
All special function registers including the program counter are mapped in the data memory.

‧ Only 42 single word instructions
‧ All instructions are single cycle except for program branches which are two-cycle
‧ 13-bit wide instructions
‧ All ROM/EPROM area GOTO instruction
‧ All ROM/EPROM area subroutine CALL instruction
‧ 8-bit wide data path
‧ 5-level deep hardware stack
‧ Operating speed: DC-20 MHz clock input DC-100 ns instruction cycle
‧ Direct, indirect addressing modes for data accessing
‧ 8-bit real time clock/counter (Timer0) with 8-bit programmable prescaler
‧ Internal Power-on Reset (POR)
‧ Built-in Low Voltage Detector (LVD) for Brown-out Reset (BOR)
‧ Power-up Reset Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer(OST)
‧ On chip Watchdog Timer (WDT) with internal oscillator for reliable operation and soft-ware watch-dog enable/disable control
‧ Two I/O ports IOA and IOB with independent direction control
‧ Soft-ware I/O pull-high/pull-down or open-drain control
‧ One internal interrupt source: Timer0 overflow; Two external interrupt source: INT pin, Port B input change
‧ Wake-up from SLEEP by INT pin or Port B input change
‧ Power saving SLEEP mode
‧ Programmable Code Protection
‧ Selectable oscillator options:
- ERC: External Resistor/Capacitor Oscillator
- XT: Crystal/Resonator Oscillator
- HF: High Frequency Crystal/Resonator Oscillator
- LF: Low Frequency Crystal Oscillator
‧ Wide-operating voltage range:
- EPROM : 2.3V to 5.5V
- ROM : 2.3V to 5.5V


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Analog Peripherals
-10-Bit Analog to Digital Converter
•Up to 500 ksps
•Up to 8 external inputs
•VREF from external pin, VDD, or internal regulator
•Built-in temperature sensor
•External conversion start input option
•Programmable hysteresis and response time
•Configurable as interrupt or reset source
•Low current (< 0.5 μA)

-256 bytes internal data RAM
-8, 4 or 2 kB one time programmable code memory

On-Chip Debug
-C8051F300 can be used as in-system code development
platform; complete development kit available
-On-chip debug circuitry facilitates full speed, non-intrusive in-system debug

Supply Voltage 1.8 to 3.6 V
-On-chip LDO regulator for core supply
-Typical operating current: 5.0 mA @ 25 MHz
-Typical stop mode current (regulator off): <0.1 μA
-Built-in brown-out detector

High Speed 8051 μC Core
-Pipe-lined instruction architecture; executes 70% of instructions in 1 or 2 system clocks
-25 MIPS peak throughput with 25 MHz clock
-Expanded interrupt handler

Digital Peripherals
-8 port I/O; All 5 V tolerant with high sink current
-Hardware enhanced UART and SMBus™ serial ports
-Three general purpose 16-bit counter/timers
-16-Bit programmable counter array (PCA) with three capture/compare modules
•8 or 16-bit PWM
•Rising / falling edge capture
•Frequency output
•Software timer

Clock Sources
-Internal oscillator: 24.5 MHz with ±2% accuracy supports UART operation
-External oscillator: RC, Single Capacitor, or CMOS Clock Modes
-Can switch between clock sources on-the-fly; useful in power saving modes

Temperature Range: –40 to +85 °C
11-Pin QFN or 14-Pin SOIC Package
-QFN Size = 3 x 3 mm


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• 32K x 16 Bit OTP EPROM organization
• RAD-PAK® radiation-hardened against natural space radiation
• Total dose hardness:
- > 100 Krad (Si), depending upon space mission
• Excellent Single Event Effects:
- SELTH LET: > 80 MeV/mg/cm2
- SEUTH LET: > 80 Mev/mg/cm2
• Package:
- 40 pin RAD-PAK® DIP
• Low power consumption:
- Active mode: 500 mW @ 10 MHz
- Standby mode: < 11 mW
• High speed page and word programming:
- Page programming time: 14 sec (typ)
• Programming power supply:
- VPP = 12.5 V ± 0.3 V
• One-time Programmable
• Pin Arrangement
- Flash memory and mask ROM compatible

Maxwell Technologies’ 27C1512T high density 512K OneTime Programmable Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory multi-chip module (MCM) features a greater than 100 krad (Si) total dose tolerance, depending upon space mission. The 27C1512T features fast address times and low power dissipation.

 The 27C1512T offers high speed programming using page programming mode. Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK® packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit package. It eliminates the need for box shielding while providing the required radiation shielding for a lifetime in orbit or space mission. In a GEO orbit, RAD-PAK® provides greater than 100 krad (Si) radiation dose tolerance. This product is available with screening up to Maxwell Technologies self-defined Class K.


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■ 5V ± 10% supply voltage in read operation
■ Access time: 45 ns
■ Low power “CMOS” consumption:
– Active current 30 mA
– Standby current 100 µA
■ Programming voltage: 12.75 V ± 0.25 V
■ Programming time around 6 s.
■ Electronic Signature
– Manufacturer code: 20h
– Device code: 3Dh
■ Packages
– ECOPACK® versions

 The M27C512 is a 512 Kbit EPROM offered in the two ranges UV (ultra violet erase) and
OTP (one time programmable). It is ideally suited for applications where fast turn-around
and pattern experimentation are important requirements and is organized as 65536 by 8
 The FDIP28W (window ceramic frit-seal package) has transparent lid which allows the user
to expose the chip to ultraviolet light to erase the bit pattern. A new pattern can then be
written to the device by following the programming procedure.
For applications where the content is programmed only one time and erasure is not
required, the M27C512 is offered in FDIP28W, PDIP28, and PLCC32 packages. In order to
meet environmental requirements, ST offers the M27C512 in ECOPACK® packages.
ECOPACK packages are Lead-free.
  The category of second Level Interconnect is marked on the package and on the inner box label, in compliance with JEDEC Standard JESD97. The maximum ratings related to soldering conditions are also marked on the inner box label. ECOPACK is an ST trademark. ECOPACK specifications are available at:

M27C512-90B6 M27C512-70C6  M27C512-90C1 M27C512-10C6 M27C512-12C3
M27C512-45XF1  M27C512-70XF1 M27C512-90F1 M27C512-90F6 M27C512-10F1
M27C512-12F1 M27C512-12F3 M27C512-15F1 M27C512-15F6

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General Description
The NM27C256 is a 256K Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory. It is manufactured in National's latest CMOS split gate EPROM technology which enables it to operate at speeds as fast as 120 ns access time over the full operating range.
 The NM27C256 provides microprocessor-based systems extensive storage capacity for large portions of operating system and application software. Its 120 ns access time provides high speed operation with high-performance CPUs.
 The NM27C256 offers a single chip solution for the code storage requirements of 100% firmware-based equipment. Frequently-used software routines are quickly executed from EPROM storage, greatly enhancing system utility.
 The NM27C256, is configured in the standard EPROM pinout which provides an easy upgrade path for systems which are currently using standard EPROMs.
 The NM27C256 is one member of a high density EPROM Family which range in densities up to 4 Mb.

* High performance CMOS
- 120 ns access time
* JEDEC standard pin configuration
- 28-pin DIP package
* 32-pin chip carrier
* Drop-in replacement for 27C256 or 27256
* Manufacturer's identification code

NM27C256Q NM27C256V NM27C256 NM27C256Q120 NM27C256N120 NM27C256V120
NM27C256QE120 NM27C256NE120 NM27C256VE120 NM27C256Q150 NM27C256N150
NM27C256V150 NM27C256QE150 27C256NE150

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ㅁ 80C52 Compatible 8051 Instruction-Set Compatible Four 8-Bit I/O Ports Three 16-Bit Timer/Counters 256 Bytes Scratchpad RAM
ㅁ Large On-Chip Memory 16kB EPROM (OTP) 1kB Extra On-Chip SRAM for MOVX
ㅁ ROMSIZE Features Selects Effective On-Chip ROM Size from 0 to 16kB Allows Access to Entire External Memory Map Dynamically Adjustable by Software Useful as Boot Block for External Flash
ㅁ Nonvolatile Functions On-Chip Real-Time Clock with Alarm Interrupt Battery Backup Support of 1kB SRAM
ㅁ High-Speed Architecture 4 Clocks/Machine Cycle (8051 = 12) Runs DC to 33MHz Clock Rates Single-Cycle Instruction in 121ns Dual Data Pointer Optional Variable Length MOVX to Access Fast/Slow RAM /Peripherals
ㅁ Power Management Mode Programmable Clock Source Saves Power Runs from (Crystal/64) or (Crystal/1024) Provides Automatic Hardware and Software
ㅁ EMI Reduction Mode Disables ALE
ㅁ Two Full-Duplex Hardware Serial Ports
ㅁ High Integration Controller Includes: Power-Fail Reset Early-Warning Power-Fail Interrupt Programmable Watchdog Timer
ㅁ 14 Total Interrupt Sources with Six External

DS87C530-QCL DS87C530-QNL DS87C530-KCL DS87C530-ECL DS87C530-ENL

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  – Active Current 30mA at 5MHz
  – Standby Current 100mA
ㅁ PROGRAMMING TIME: 100ms/word
  – Manufacturer Code: 20h
  – Device Code: 61h

The M27C2001 is a high speed 2 Mbit EPROM offered in the two ranges UV (ultra violet erase) and OTP (one time programmable). It is ideally suited for microprocessor systems requiring large programs and is organised as 262,144 by 8 bits. The FDIP32W (window ceramic frit-seal package) and LCCC32W (leadless chip carrier package) have a transparent lids which allow the user to expose the chip to ultraviolet light to erase the bit pattern. A new pattern can then be written to the device by following the programming procedure. For applications where the content is programmed only one time and erasure is not required, the M27C2001 is offered in PDIP32, PLCC32 and TSOP32 (8 x 20 mm) packages.

M27C2001-10B1TR  M27C2001-55XF8X

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