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  1. 2008/04/22 TP6312 - 1/4 TO 1/11-DUTY VFD CONTROLLER/DRIVER

General Description
 The TP6312 is a VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) controller/driver that is driven on a 1/4 to 1/11-duty factor.
It consists of 11 segment output lines, 6 grid output lines, 5 segment/grid output drivelines, a display memory, a control circuit, and a Key scan circuit.
Serial data is input to TP6312 through a three-line serial interface.
This VFD controller/driver is ideal as a peripheral device of a single-chip microcomputer.

* Multiple display modes (11-segment & 11-digit to 16-segment & 4-digit)
* Key scanning (6 × 4 matrices)
* Dimming circuit (eight steps)
* High-voltage output (VDD – 35V max)
* LED ports (4 chs, 20 mA max)
* General-purpose input port (4 bits)
* No external resistor necessary for driver outputs (P-ch open-drain + pull-down resistor output)
* Serial interface (CLK, STB, DIN, DOUT)


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