23· 16 Channels, Constant Current Sink Output
· 50-mA Capability (Constant Current Sink)
· 12-Bit (4096 Steps) Grayscale Control with PWM
· 7-Bit (128 Steps) Dot Correction with Sink Current
· LED Power-Supply Voltage up to 17 V
· Constant Current Accuracy:
- Channel-to-Channel = ±1.5%
- Device-to-Device = ±3%
· VCC = 3.0 V to 5.5 V
· CMOS Level I/O
· 30-MHz Data Transfer Rate
· 30-MHz Grayscale Control Clock
· Dedicated Ports for Grayscale and Dot Correction
· Continuous Base LED Open Detection (LOD)
· Thermal Shutdown (TSD):
- Automatic shutdown at high temperature conditions
- Restart under normal temperature
· Readable Error Information:
– LED Open Detection
– Thermal Error Flag (TEF)
· Noise Reduction:
– 4-Channel grouped delay to prevent inrush current
· Operating Temperature: –40°C to +85°C

· Monochrome, Multicolor, Full-Color LED
· LDEisDplSaiygsnboards
· Display Backlighting

The TLC5942 is a 16-channel, constant current sink driver. Each channel is individually adjustable with 4096 pulse-width modulated (PWM) steps and 128 constant current sink steps for dot correction. dot corrction adjusts the brightness variationsbetween leds. Both grayscale control and dot correction are accessible via separate, dedicated serial interface ports. The maximum current value of all 16 channels can be set by a single external resistor.


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