M63816P/FP/KP are eight-circuit Single transistor arrays with clamping diodes. The circuits are made of NPN transistors. Both the semiconductor integrated circuits perform high-current driving with extremely low input-current supply.

*Three package configurations (P, FP, and KP)
*Medium breakdown voltage (BVCEO ³ 35V)
*Synchronizing current (IC(max) = 300mA)
*With clamping diodes
*Low output saturation voltage
*Wide operating temperature range (Ta = –40 to +85°C)

Driving of digit drives of indication elements (LEDs and lamps) with small signals

M63816FP, M63816KP

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*Schottky Barrier Chip
*Ideally Suited for Automatic Assembly
*Low Power Loss, High Efficiency
*Surge Overload Rating to 100A Peak
*For Use in Low Voltage Application
*Guard Ring Die Construction
*Plastic Case Material has UL Flammability Classification Rating 94V-O

Mechanical Data
*Case: SMA/DO-214AC, Molded Plastic
*erminals: Solder Plated, Solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026
*Polarity: Cathode Band or Cathode Notch
*Marking: Type Number
*Weight: 0.064 grams (approx.)
*Lead Free: For RoHS / Lead Free Version, Add “-LF” Suffix to Part Number, See Page 4

SX32-T3, SX33-T3, SX34-T3, SX35-T3, SX36-T3, SX38-T3, SX39-T3, SX310-T3

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General Description
The LM95235 is an 11-bit digital temperature sensor with a 2-wire System Management Bus (SMBus) interface and TruTherm technology that can monitor the temperature of a remote diode as well as its own temperature. The LM95235 can be used to very accurately monitor the temperature of external devices such as microprocessors, graphics processors, or a diode-connected MMBT3904 transistor. For automotive applications the LM95235Q is available that is AECQ100 Grade3 compliant and is manufactured on an Automotive Grade Flow. TruTherm BJT (transistor) beta compensation technology allows the LM95235 to precisely monitor thermal diodes found in 90 nm and smaller geometry processes. LM95235 reports temperature in two different formats for +127.875°C/-128°C range and 0°C/255°C range. The LM95235 T_CRIT and OS outputs are asserted when either unmasked channel exceeds its programmed limit and can be used to shutdown the system, to turn on the system fans, or as a microcontroller interrupt function. The current status of the T_CRIT and OS pins can be read back from the status registers via the SMBus interface. All limits have a shared programmable hysteresis register.
The remote temperature channel of the LM95235 has a programmable digital filter. The LM95235 contains a diode model selection bit to select between a typical Intel® processor on a 65 nm or 90 nm process or MMBT3904, as well as an offset register for maximum flexibility and best accuracy.
The LM95235 has a three-level address pin to connect up to 3 devices to the same SMBus master, that is shared with the OS output. The LM95235 has a programmable conversion rate register and a standby mode to save power. One conversion can be triggered in standby mode by writing to the one-shot register.

*Remote and Local temperature channels
*TruTherm BJT beta compensation technology
*LM95235Q is AEC-Q100 Grade 3 compliant and is manufactured on an Automotive Grade Flow
*Diode Model Selection Bit - MMBT3904 or 65/90 nm processor diodes
*Two Formats: −128°C to 127.875°C and 0°C to 255.875°C
*Digital filter for remote channel
*Programmable TCRIT and OS thresholds
*Programmable shared hysteresis register
*Diode Fault Detection
*Mask, Offset, and Status Registers
*SMBus 2.0 compatible interface, supports TIMEOUT
*Programmable conversion rate for best power consumption
*Three-level address pin
*Standby mode one-shot conversion control
*Pin-for-pin compatible with the LM86/LM89
*8-pin MSOP package

*Processor/Computer System Thermal Management (e.g. Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, Servers)
*Electronic Test Equipment and Office Electronics

LM95235CIMM, LM95235CIMMX, LM95235DIMM, LM95235DIMMX, LM95235EIMM, LM95235EIMMX, LM95235QEIMM, LM95235QEIMMX

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*Glass passivated junction chip
*High maximum operating temperature
*Low leakage current
*Excellent stability
*Smallest surface mount rectifier outline
*Pb / RoHS Free

*Case : SMA Molded plastic
*Epoxy : UL94V-O rate flame retardant
*Lead : Lead Formed for Surface Mount
*Polarity : Color band denotes cathode end
*Mounting position : Any
*Weight : 0.067 gram

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*Glass Passivated Die Construction
*Ideally Suited for Automatic Assembly
*Low Forward Voltage Drop, High Efficiency
*Surge Overload Rating to 100A Peak
*Low Power Loss
*Ultra-Fast Recovery Time
*Plastic Case Material has UL Flammability Classification Rating 94V-O

Mechanical Data
*Case: SMC/DO-214AB, Molded Plastic
*Terminals: Solder Plated, Solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026
*Polarity: Cathode Band or Cathode Notch
*Marking: Type Number
*Weight: 0.21 grams (approx.)
*Lead Free: For RoHS / Lead Free Version, Add “-LF” Suffix to Part Number

UF3B-T3, UF3D-T3, UF3G-T3, UF3J-T3, UF3K-T3

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The DFM600BXS17-A000 is a single 1700V, fast recovery diode (FRD) module. Designed for low
power loss, the module is suitable for a variety of high voltage applications in motor drives and power conversion.
Fast switching times and low reverse recovery losses allow high frequency operation making the device suitable for the latest drive designs employing pwm and high frequency switching.
The module incorporates an electrically isolated base plate and low inductance construction enabling circuit designers to optimise circuit layouts and utilise grounded heat sinks for safety.

*Low Reverse Recovery Charge
*High Switching Speed
*Low Forward Voltage Drop
*Isolated Copper Base plate

*Chopper Diodes
*Boost and Buck Converters
*Free-wheel Circuits
*Snubber Circuit
*Resonant Converters
*Multi-level Switch Inverters

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Alpha’s product line of silicon Schottky diode chips are intended for use as detector and mixer devices in hybrid integrated circuits at frequencies from below 100 MHz to higher than 40 GHz. Alpha’s “Universal Chip” design features a 4 mil diameter bond pad that is offset from the semiconductor junction preventing damage to the active junction as a result of wire bonding.
As power-sensing detectors, these Schottky diode chips all have the same voltage sensitivity so long as the output video impedance is much higher than the video resistance of the diode. Figure 1 shows the expected detected voltage sensitivity as a function of RF source impedance in an untuned circuit. Note that sensitivity is substantially increased by transforming the source
impedance from 50 Ω to higher values. Maximum sensitivity occurs when the source impedance equals the video resistance.
In a detector circuit operating at zero bias, depending on the video load impedance, a ZBD device with RV less than 10 kΩ may be more sensitive than a low barrier diode with RV greater than 100 kΩ. Applying forward bias reduces the diode video resistance as shown in Figure 2. Lower video resistance also increases the video bandwidth but does not increase voltage sensitivity, as shown in Figure 3. Biased Schottky diodes have better temperature stability and also may be used in temperature compensated detector circuits.
P-type Schottky diodes generate lower 1/F noise and are preferred for Doppler mixers and biased detector applications. The bond pad for the P-type Schottky diode is the cathode. N-type Schottky diodes have lower parasitic resistance, RS, and will perform with lower conversion loss in mixer circuits. The bond pad for the N-type Schottky diode is the anode.

*For Detector and Mixer Applications
*Low Capacitance for Usage Beyond 40 GHz
*ZBD and Low Barrier Designs
*P-Type and N-Type Junctions
*Large Bond Pad Chip Design

CDC7631-000, CDB7619-000, CDB7620-000, CDF7621-000, CDF7623-000

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*Forward Voltage : VF=0.71V (TYP.)
*Forward Current : IF(AV)=100mA
*Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage : VRM=30V

*Low Current Rectification

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The HPND-4005 planar beam lead PIN diode is constructed to offer exceptional lead strength while achieving excellent electrical performance at high frequencies.
High beam strength offers users superior assembly yield, while extremely low capacitance allows high isolation to be realized.
Nitride passivation and polyimide coating provide reliable device protection.

*High Breakdown Voltage 120 V Typical
*Low Capacitance 0.017 pF Typical
*Low Resistance 4.7 W Typical
*Rugged Construction 4 Grams Minimum Lead Pull
*Nitride Passivated

The HPND-4005 beam lead PIN diode is designed for use in stripline or microstrip circuits.
Applications include switching, attenuating, phase shifting, limiting, and modulating at microwave frequencies. The extremely low capacitance of the HPND-4005 makes it ideal for
circuits requiring high isolation in a series diode configuration.
TAG Beam, Diode

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* Dual Device Module
* Electrically Isolated Package
* Pressure Contact Construction
* International Standard Footprint
* Alumina (Non Toxic) Isolation Medium

* Motor Control
* Controlled Rectifier Bridges
* Heater Control
* AC Phase Control


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