· 11-bit Resolution
· 125-MSPS Sample Rate
· High SNR: 66.3 dBFS at 100 MHz fIN
· High SFDR: 81 dBc at 100 MHz fIN
· 2.3-VPP Differential Input Voltage
· Internal Voltage Reference
· 3.3-V Single-Supply Voltage
· Analog Power Dissipation: 578 mW
· Serial Programming Interface
· TQFP-64 PowerPAD™ Package
· Pin-Compatible With:
– ADS5500 (14-Bit, 125 MSPS)
– ADS5541 (14-Bit, 105 MSPS)
– ADS5542 (14-Bit, 80 MSPS)
– ADS5520 (12-Bit, 125 MSPS)
– ADS5521 (12-Bit, 105 MSPS)
– ADS5522 (12-Bit, 80 MSPS)

· Recommended Operational Amplifiers: THS3201, THS3202, THS4503, THS4509, HS9001, OPA695, OPA847
· Wireless Communication
– Communication Receivers
– Base Station Infrastructure
· Test and Measurement Instrumentation
· Single and Multichannel Digital Receivers
· Communication Instrumentation
– Radar
– Infrared
· Video and Imaging
· Medical Equipment

The ADS5510 is a high-performance, 11 bit, 125 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC). To provide a complete converter solution, it includes a high-bandwidth linear sample-and-hold stage (S&H) and internal reference. Designed for applications demanding the highest speed and highest dynamic performance in little space, the ADS5510 has excellent power consumption of 578 mW at 3.3-V single-supply voltage.
 This allows an even higher system integration density. The provided internal reference simplifies system design requirements.
Parallel CMOS-compatible output ensures seamless interfacing with common logic.
The ADS5510 is available in 64-pin TQFP PowerPAD package over the industrial temperature range.


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· 500-MSPS Sample Rate
· 12-Bit Resolution, 10.5 Bits ENOB
· 2-GHz Input Bandwidth
· SFDR = 75 dBc at 450 MHz and 500 MSPS
· SNR = 64.6 dBFS at 450 MHz and 500 MSPS
· 2.2-Vpp Differential Input Voltage
· LVDS-Compatible Outputs
· Total Power Dissipation: 2.2 W
· Offset Binary Output Format
· Output Data Transitions on the Rising and Falling Edges of a Half-Rate Output Clock

· On-Chip Analog Buffer, Track and Hold, and Reference Circuit
· 80-Pin TQFP PowerPAD™ Package (14-mm ´ 14-mm)
· Industrial Temperature Range = –40°C to 85°C
· Pin-Similar to ADS5440/ADS5444
· Test and Measurement Instrumentation
· Software-Defined Radio
· Data Acquisition
· Power Amplifier Linearization
· Communication Instrumentation
· Radar

 The ADS5463 is a 12-bit, 500-MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that operates from both a 5-V supply and 3.3-V supply, while providing LVDS-compatible digital outputs. The ADS5463 input buffer isolates the internal switching of the onboard track and hold (T&H) from disturbing the signal source while providing a high-impedance input. An internal reference generator is also provided to simplify the system design.

 Designed to optimize conversion of wide-bandwidth signals up to 500 MHz of input frequency at 500 MSPS, the ADS5463 has outstanding low noise and linearity over a large input frequency range. Input signals above 500 MHz can also be converted due to the large input bandwidth of the device.

 The ADS5463 is available in an 80-pin TQFP PowerPAD™ package. The ADS5463 is built on state-of-the-art Texas Instruments complementary bipolar process (BiCom3X) and is specified over the full industrial temperature range (–40°C to 85°C).


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· Single +3.3V Supply
· High SNR: 70.7dBFS at fIN = 5MHz
· Total Power Dissipation:
Internal Reference: 321mW
External Reference: 285mW
· Internal or External Reference
· Low DNL: ±0.3LSB
· Flexible Input Range: 1.5VPP to 2VPP
· TQFP-64 Package

· Communications IF Processing
· Communications Base Stations
· Test Equipment
· Medical Imaging
· Video Digitizing
· CCD Digitizing

 The ADS5231 is a dual, high-speed, high dynamic range, 12-bit pipelined analog-to-digital converter (ADC). This converter includes a high-bandwidth sample-and-hold amplifier that gives excellent spurious performance up to and beyond the Nyquist rate. The differential nature of the sample-and-hold amplifier and ADC circuitry minimizes even-order harmonics and gives excellent common-mode noise immunity.

 The ADS5231 provides for setting the full-scale range of the converter without any external reference circuitry. The internal reference can be disabled, allowing low-drive, external references to be used for improved tracking in multichannel systems. The ADS5231 provides an over-range indicator flag to indicate an input signal that exceeds the full-scale input range of the converter. This flag can be used to reduce the gain of front-end gain control circuitry.
There is also an output enable pin to allow for multiplexing and testing on a printed circuit board (PCB).

 The ADS5231 employs digital error correction techniques to provide excellent differential linearity for demanding imaging applications. The ADS5231 is available in a TQFP-64 package.


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