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  1. 2007/04/12 BTS5240L - Addendum for PCN-Datasheet 2004-018-A
General Description
• N channel vertical power MOSFET with charge pump, ground referenced CMOS compatible input and diagnostic feedback, monolithically integrated in Smart SIPMOS technology.
• Providing embedded protective functions.
• Extern adjustable current limitation.

• All types of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
• µC compatible high-side power switch with diagnostic feedback for 12 V grounded loads
• Due to the adjustable current limitation best suitable for loads with high inrush currents, so as lamps
• Replaces electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits

Basic Functions
• Very low standby current
• CMOS compatible input
• Improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
• Stable behaviour at low battery voltage

Protection Functions
• Reverse battery protection with external resistor
• Short circuit protection
• Overload protection
• Current limitation
• Thermal Shutdown
• Overvoltage protection with external resistor
• Loss of GND and loss of Vbb protection
• Electrostatic discharge Protection (ESD)

Diagnostic Function: IntelliSense
Proportional load current sense ( with defined fault signal during thermal shutdown and overload )
• Additional open load detection in OFF - state
• Suppressed thermal toggling of fault signal


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