■ User-selectable outputs: 0.75-5V (D12 models) or 0.75-3.3V (W3 models)
■ 6, 10 or 16A maximum output current
■ Double lead free to RoHS standards
■ Selectable phased start-up sequencing and tracking
■ Wide range VIN 8.3-14V or 2.4-5.5V
■ Up to 52 Watts total output power
■ Very high effi ciency up to 95%
■ Starts up into pre-biased load
■ Fast settling, high di/dt IOUT slew rate

These miniature point-of-load (POL) switching DC/DC converters are ideal regulation and supply elements for distributed power and intermediate bus architectures. Fully compatible with
the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance specifi cation (www.dosapower.com), LSN2’s can power CPU’s, programmable logic and mixedvoltage systems with little heat and low noise. Atypical application uses a master isolated 12 or 5Vdc supply and individual LSN2 converters for local 1.8 and 3.3Vdc supplies. All system isolation resides in the central supply, leaving lower cost

 POL regulation at the load. The LSN2’s can deliver very high power (to 52 Watts) in a tiny area without heat sinking or external components. They feature quick transient response (to 25μsec) and very fast current slew rates (to 20A/μsec).

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