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  1. 2009/06/12 a8237 - PROGRAMMABLE DMA CONTROLLER
General Description
The a8237 MegaCore function implements a programmable DMA controller, which controls memory-to-peripheral and memory-tomemory data transfers and provides block memory initialization capability. Four independently programmable channels are available in the a8237, and DMA requests can be made via hardware or software. Figure 1 shows the symbol for the a8237

*a8237 MegaCore function implementing a programmable direct memory access (DMA) controller
*Optimized for FLEX® architecture
*Provides four independent channels
*Offers static read/write or handshaking modes
*Includes direct bit set/reset capability
*Uses approximately 1,201 FLEX logic elements (LEs)
*Functionally based on the Intel 8237A and Harris 82C37A devices, except as noted in “Variations & Clarifications” on page 24

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