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  1. 2006/12/11 AT88SC0104C - CryptoMemory 1 Kbit
• One of a Family of Devices with User Memories from 1 Kbit to 256-Kbit
• 1-Kbit (128-byte) EEPROM User Memory
– Four 32 byte (256 bit) Zones
– Self-timed Write Cycle
– Single Byte or 16-byte Page Write Mode
– Programmable Access Rights for Each Zone
• 2-Kbit Configuration Zone
– 37-byte OTP Area for User-defined Codes
– 160-byte Area for User-defined Keys and Passwords
• High Security Features
– 64-bit Patented Dynamic Symetric Mutual Authentication Protocol
– Encrypted Checksum
– Stream Encryption
– Four Key Sets for Authentication and Encryption
– Eight Sets of Two 24-bit Passwords
– Anti-tearing Function
– Voltage and Frequency Monitor
• Smart Card Features
– ISO 7816 Class A (5V) or Class B (3V) Operation
– ISO 7816-3 Asynchronous T = 0 Protocol (Gemplus® Patent)
– Multiple Zones, Key Sets and Passwords for Multi-application Use
– Synchronous 2-wire Serial Interface for Faster Device Initialization
– Programmable 8-byte Answer-To-Reset Register
– ISO 7816-2 Compliant Modules
• Embedded Application Features
– Low Voltage Operation: 2.7V to 5.5V
– Secure Nonvolatile Storage for Sensitive System or User Information
– 2-wire Serial Interface
– 1.5 MHz Compatibility for Fast Operation
– Standard 8-lead Plastic Packages
– Same Pinout as 2-wire Serial EEPROM's
• High Reliability
– Endurance: 100,000 Cycles
– Data Retention: 10 years
– ESD Protection: 4,000V min

The AT88SC0104C member of the CryptoMemory® family is a high-performance secure memory providing 1 Kbit of user memory with advanced security and cryptographic features built in. The user memory is divided into four 32-byte zones, each of which may be individually set with different security access rights or combined together to provide space for 1 to 4 data files.

AT88SC0104C-MJ AT88SC0104C-MP AT88SC0104C-PI AT88SC0104C-SI

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