The HA17008R series are 8-bit monolithic D/A converters which have built in, a reference current amplifier, an R-2R ladder resistor, and 8 high speed current switches.
By setting the reference voltage and resistance, the maximum output current can be freely varied in response to the application.
The reference current is distributed to the current value for each bit by the R-2R ladder resistor, and the maximum output current is 255/256 of the reference current. For example, if the input reference current is 2.0 mA, then the maximum available output current is 1.992 mA.
Applications for the HA17008R are wide ranging, and include CRT displays, stepping motor control, programmable power supplies, audio equipment, and attenuators.

*Linearity of ±0.19% (±1/2 LSB) guaranteed.
*The settling time is short, 85 ns (typ), enabling rapid conversions.
*Low power dissipation has been reduced: 135 mW typ.
*Compatible with TTL and CMOS logic.
*The standard supply voltage is VCC = +15.0 V, VEE = –15.0 V.
*A wide output voltage range can be provided. From –10 V to +18 V.


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The EP3102 is a monolithic integrated circuit that provide all the active functions for a step-down switching regulator, capable of driving a 2A load without additional transistor component. Requiring a minimum number of external component, the board space can be saved easily. The external shutdown function can be controlled by TTL logic level and then come into standby mode. The internal compensation makes feedback control have good line and load regulation without external design. Regarding protected function, thermal shutdown is to prevent over temperature operating from damage, and current limit is against over current operating of the output switch. The EP3102 operates at a switching frequency of 150KHz thus allowing smaller sized filter components than what would be needed with lower frequency switching regulators. Other features include a guaranteed +4% tolerance on output voltage under specified input voltage and output load conditions, and +15% on the oscillator frequency. The output version included fixed 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and an adjustable type. The package is available in a standard 8-lead SOP8.

*3.3V, 5V, 12V and Adjustable Output Version
*Adjustable Version Output Voltage Range, 1.23V to 37V +4% Max over Line and Load Condition
*Input Voltage Range up to 40V
*Output Load Current: 2A
*150 KHz Fixed Frequency Internal Oscillator
*Voltage Mode Non-synchronous PWM Control
*Thermal-shutdown and Current-limit Protection
*ON/OFF Shutdown Control Input
*Low Power Standby Mode
*Built-in Switching Transistor on Chip
*SOP-8L package

*Simple High-efficiency Step-down (Buck) Regulator
*Efficient Pre-regulator for Linear Regulators
*On-card Switching Regulators
*Positive to Negative Converter
*Battery Charger

EP3102-S33R, EP3102-S50R, EP3102-S12R, EP3102-SR

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The 6-PAK™ is a modular system of control and boost SIPs. Each 6A control SIP can also drive up to 8 additional 6A boost SIPs in parallel, for a total of 54A. Each SIP accepts a regulated 5V input (+10%) and provides 2.5V to 3.6Vdc output. The circuit is optimized for high efficiency and fast load transient response needed by telecom, DSP and microprocessor applications.
Advanced thermal design, monolithic power circuitry and synchronous rectification result in outstanding performance and value. With integrated input filter and output capacitors, the 6-PAK system makes a complete power supply which requires no external components over the specified operating range. Pins are staked for wave solderability.

*Small SIP Design
*Parallelable Boost SIP
-One stocking part meets a variety of loads
*Programmable Control SIP
-Control/Boost Pair extremely configurable
*Fast Transient Response
-No need for large external capacitors
-Extremely small footprint
*Low Component Count
-Low cost, high reliability
*Staked Pins
-Wave solderable
*Integrated Input Filter
-Low input ripple

6P25-CA, 6P25-P

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The Agilent E1418A 8/16-Channel D/A Converter is a C–size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module. It
consists of 8 or 16 fully independent, isolated or non-isolated, 16-bit D/As. Each channel can be set to voltage or current mode with local or remote sensing on voltage outputs. All outputs can be updated with registerlevel programming to allow fast backplane access. Each channel can be updated individually, or by using the internal data buffer, synchronized so that all channels change simultaneously. The channel output mode is set with jumpers in the terminal block for each channel or by register programming. Each D/A converter can be calibrated without removal through software commands and use of the terminal block CALBUS in conjunction with a 5.5-digit multimeter. The on/off terminal block has standard screw terminals for fi eld wiring.
Refer to the Agilent Technologies Website for instrument driver availability and downloading instructions, as well as for recent product updates, if applicable.

*1-Slot, C-size, register based
*8/16 independent channels, fl exible and confi gurable
*Individual isolation per channel
*16-bit resolution D/A per channel
*Programmable selectable voltage/current modes
*Software controlled calibration

E1418A001, E1418A002, E1418A003, E1418AA3E, E1418AA3H
TAG Converter, D/A

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The ACT4012A is a current-mode step-down DC/DC converter that generates up to 1.5A output 420kHz switching frequency. The device utilizes Active-Semi’s proprietary ISOBCD20 process for operation with input voltages up to 20V.
Consuming only 10μA in shutdown mode, the ACT4012A is highly efficient with peak efficiency at 94% when in operation. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal shutdown, and frequency foldback at short circuit.
The ACT4012A is available in a SOP-8 package and requires very few external devices for operation.

*1.5A Output Current
*Up to 94% Efficiency
*Up to 20V Input Range
*10μA Shutdown Supply Current
*420kHz Switching Frequency
*Adjustable Output Voltage
*Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit Protection
*Thermal Shutdown Protection
*Frequency Foldback at Short Circuit
*Stability with Wide Range of Capacitors, Including Low ESR Ceramic Capacitors
*SOP-8 Package

*TFT LCD Monitors
*Portable DVDs
*Car-Powered or Battery-Powered Equipments
*Set-Top Boxes
*Telecom Power Supplies
*DSL and Cable Modems and Routers
*Termination Supplies


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converter delivering high efficiency in a SOT23-6 package. The device has an internal NMOS switch and PMOS synchronous rectifier and has the capacity of supplying 3.3V at 100mA from a single AA cell input.
High frequency switching (up to 2MHz) minimizes the board area by allowing the use of tiny, low profile inductors and ceramic capacitors.
The KB3436 provides automatic pulse skipping at light loads, thus reducing the supply current for extended battery life. At shutdown, the KB3436 fully discharges the output to ground and draws no supply current.
The KB3436 is available in small SOT23-6 package with both fixed and adjustable output voltage versions.

*Up to 96% efficiency
*Low start-up voltage 0.8V
*Internal synchronous rectifier
*Up to 2MHz switching allows for tiny external components
*0.5V to 4.4V input range
*2.5V to 5.0V output range (Note 3)
*Feedback Voltage: 1.00V +/-2%
*Logic controlled shutdown (<1μA)
*Low 250μA operating supply current (measured at VOUT)
*Pulse skipping at light load for extended battery life
*Generates 3.3V at 100mA from single AA cell
*Stable with ceramic output capacitor
*Low profile 6-Leads SOT23-6 package

*PDAs and organizers
*Digital cameras
*Wireless mice/ keyboards
*Portable medical equipment
*Cordless phones
*Wireless Headsets

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The MIL-COTS V•I Chip Bus Converter Module is a high efficiency (>95%) Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) operating from a 240 to 330 Vdc primary bus to deliver an isolated 30 – 41.2 V nominal, unregulated secondary.
The VMB0004MFJ and VMB0004MFT are provided in a V•I Chip package compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface mount assembly processes.

*270 Vdc – 33.75 Vdc 235 W Bus Converter Module
*MIL-STD-704E/F Compliant
*High efficiency (>95%) reduces system power consumption
*High power density (796 W/in3) reduces power system footprint by >40%
*Contains built-in protection features: undervoltage, overvoltage lockout, over current protection, short circuit protection, overtemperature protection.
*Provides enable/disable control, internal temperature monitoring
*Can be paralleled to create multi-kW arrays

*High Voltage 270 V Aircraft Distributed Power
*28 Vdc MIL-COTS PRM Interface (MP028F036M12AL)
*High Density Power Supplies
*Communication Systems


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The S-8821 series is a CMOS step-up charge pump DC-DC converter with a voltage regulation function. The S-8821 series consists of an oscillation circuit, a controller, a reference voltage circuit, an error amplifier circuit, and an output switching transistor, and can regulate the output voltage by PFM control. Since small ceramic capacitors can be used for the pump capacitor, input capacitor, and output capacitor, the mounting area can be minimized.

*Step-up PFM control CMOS charge pump
*Power supply voltage: 1.6 to 5.0 V
*Output voltage: 2.5 to 5.5 V, selectable in 0.1 V steps.
*Output voltage accuracy: ±2 % max.
*Built-in soft start circuit: 1.0 ms typ.
*Output current 25 mA (VIN=(VOUT(S) × 0.80) V)
*Oscillation frequency: 1.0 MHz typ.
*ON/OFF function: During standby: 1 μA max.
*Ultra-small package: SOT-23-6W
*Lead-free products

*Lithium ion battery driven applications
*Local power supply
*Power supply for white LED display backlights

S-882125AMH-M2ATFG, S-882130AMH-M2FTFG, S-882133AMH-M2ITFG

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The MP2364 is a dual monolithic step-down switch mode converter with built-in internal power MOSFETs. It achieves 1.5A continuous output current for each output over a wide input supply range with excellent load and line regulation.
Current mode operation provides fast transient response and eases loop stabilization.
Fault condition protection includes cycle-by-cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown. In shutdown mode, the regulator draws 40μA of supply current.
The MP2364 requires a minimum number of readily available standard external components.

*1.5A Current for Each Output
*0.18Ω Internal Power MOSFET Switches
*Stable with Low ESR Output Ceramic Capacitors
*Up to 90% Efficiency
*40μA Shutdown Mode
*Fixed 1.4MHz Frequency
*Thermal Shutdown
*Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
*Wide 4.75V to 23V Operating Input Range
*Each Output Adjustable from 0.92V to 16V
*Configurable for Single Output with Double the Current
*Programmable Under Voltage Lockout
*Programmable Soft-Start
*Available in TSSOP20 with Exposed Pad and SOIC Packages

*Distributed Power Systems
*I/O and Core supplies
*DSL Modems
*Set top boxes
*Cable Modems

EV2364DF-01A, MP2364DF, MP2364DS

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The ZL2106 is an innovative power conversion and management IC that combines an integrated synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with key power management functions in a small package, resulting in a flexible and integrated solution. Zilker Labs Digital-DC™ technology enables unparalleled power management integration while delivering industry-leading performance in a tiny footprint.
The ZL2106 can provide an output voltage from 0.54 V to 5.5 V (with margin) from an input voltage between 4.5 V and 14 V. Internal low RDS(ON) synchronous power MOSFETs enable the ZL2106 to deliver continuous loads up to 6 A with high efficiency. An internal Schottky bootstrap diode reduces discrete component count. The ZL2106 also supports phase spreading to reduce system input capacitance.
Power management features such as digital softstart delay and ramp, sequencing, tracking, and margining can be configured by simple pinstrapping or through an on-chip serial port. The ZL2106 uses the PMBus™ protocol for communication with a host controller and the Digital-DC bus for interoperability between other Zilker Labs devices.

Power Conversion
*Efficient synchronous buck controller
*Integrated MOSFET switches
*6 A continuous output current
*4.5 V to 14 V input range
*0.54 V to 5.5 V output range (with margin)
*±1% output voltage accuracy
*200 kHz to 1 MHz switching frequency
*Phase spreading and Fault spreading
*Snapshot™ parametric capture
*Small footprint QFN package (6 x 6 mm)
Power Management
*Digital soft start/stop
*Precision delay and ramp-up
*Power good/enable
*Voltage tracking, sequencing, and margining
*Voltage / current / temperature monitoring
*Output voltage and current protection
*I2C/SMBus interface, PMBus compatible
*Internal non-volatile memory (NVM)

*Telecom, Networking, Storage equipment
*High-density servers
*Test & Measurement equipment
*Industrial control equipment
*5V & 12V distributed power systems


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