The SG1577A is a high-efficiency, voltage-mode, dualchannel, synchronous DC/DC PWM controller for two independent outputs. The two channels are operated out of phase. The internal reference voltage is trimmed to 0.7V±1.5%. It is connected to the error amplifier’s positive terminal for voltage feedback regulation.
The soft-start circuit ensures the output voltage can be gradually and smoothly increased from zero to its final regulated value. The soft-start pin can also be used for chip-enable function. When two soft-start pins are grounded, the chip is disabled and the total operation current can be reduced to under 0.7mA.
The fixed-frequency is programmable from 60kHz to 340kHz. The Over-Current Protection (OCP) level can be programmed by an external current sense resistor. It has two integrated sets of internal MOSFET drivers.
SG1577A is available in a 20-pin SOP package.

*Integrated Two Sets of MOSFET Drivers
*Two Independent PWM Controllers
*Constant Frequency Operation: Free-running Fixed Frequency Oscillator Programmable: 61kHz to 340kHz
*Maximum Input Supply Voltage: 15V
*Programmable Output as Low as 0.7V
*Internal Error Amplifier Reference Voltage: 0.7V±1.5%
*Two Soft-Start / EN Functions
*Programmable Over-Current Protection (OCP)
*30V HIGH Voltage Pin for Bootstrap Voltage
*Output Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
*20-Pin SOP

*CPU and GPU Vcore Power Supply
*Power Supply Requiring Two Independent Outputs


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The SP433 is high-voltage four-terminal adjustable voltage references, with over current protection feature. The SP433 is a one chip solution to a 2.5V precision voltage reference and constant current output in the application of secondary feedback control of power supply, DC/DC converter, adaptor and charger. SP433 is idea for low cost switching power supply application.

*Voltage Reference Accuracy of 0.5% & 1.0%
*Sink Current Capability from 1mA to 100mA
*Adjustable Output Voltage from VREF to 18V
*Low Output Noise
*Typical Output Dynamic Impedance Less Than 200mΩ
*Available in SOT-23-5L and TO-94 package
*Over Current Protection

*Battery Charger
*Battery Power Equipment
*Linear Regulators
*Switch Power Supply
*Cellular Phone
*Digital Cameras
*Computer Disk Drivers


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General Description
This ROM-Based 8-bit micro-controller uses a fully static CMOS technology process to achieve higher speed and smaller size with the low power consumption and high noise immunity. On chip memory includes 4K words of ROM, and 192 bytes of static RAM.

*Fully static design
*37 single word instructions
*4K x 14 program memory.
*192 bytes RAM for data
*35 bi-directional I/O
*Eight level hardware stacks
*Watchdog timer with on-chip RC oscillator.
*Interrupt capability
*Timer0 : 8-bit timer with 8-bit prescaler
*Timer1 : 8-bit timer with 8-bit compare register. This timer can be used as carrier generator.
*Sleep mode for power saving.
*PB and PD with port change wake-up interrupt.

The application areas of this MDT10C65 range from appliance motor control and high speed automotive to low power remote transmitters/receivers and tele-communications processors, such as Remote controller, small instruments, toy, automobile and keyboard … etc.


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The HA16341NT/FP and the HA16342NT/FP are switching regulator control ICs for the off-line converters of redundant power supplies.
The HA16342NT/FP is reverse current detection less version of the HA16341NT/FP.
The HA16341NT/FP have the functions of current sharing and hot swap control for redundancy. These functions enable high efficiency and high reliability for switching power supplies.
Combination the HA16341 with the HA16141 is suitable for the redundant AC to DC converters.

*Secondary-side synchronous rectification control
*Main switching controller
*Dead-time adjustment for synchronous rectification MOS
*Current share function with line resistance compensation
*Hot swap power MOS FET control
*Remote on/off function, FAIL output function
*Synchronized switching with primary side
*Soft start function
*Maximum duty adjustment
*Overcurrent limiting, overcurrent shutdown functions
*Reverse current detection (only the HA16341NT/FP)
*Light load detection
*OVP function
*VCC pin UVL function

HA16342NT, HA16341FP, HA16342FP

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The MA3690/1 chip set has three modes of operation: remote terminal, bus controller, and passive monitor It has a dual bus capability, requires minimum support hardware / software and is implemented on a radiation hard, CMOS/SOS process. For applications requiring access to Terminal Flag, a 48-Pin DIL MA3693 is available as an alternative to the MA3690.
As a remote terminal, the MA3690/1 is fully compatible with Mil-Std-1553B. The chip set obtained SEAFAC approval in December 1987. All options and mode commands specified by the Mil Std are implemented Full and meaningful use is made of status word bits and a comprehensive bit word is provided.
A unique mechanism has been incorporated that allows the subsystem to declare illegal commands legal, and vice versa, before the chip set services the command. It should be noted that use of this mechanism is optional and that the system defaults to normal operation if the option is not required. The chip set is easily interfaced to subsystem memory and is sufficiently flexible to ensure compatibility with a wide range of microprocessors.
As a bus controller the MA3690/1 has the ability to initiate all types of 1553B transfer on either of the two buses An instruction word is set up by the subsystem, prior to transmission, which contains details of transfer type and bus selection. Four bits of the instruction word have been used to specify the conditions under which the chip set will generate a subsystem interrupt. The most significant bits of the instruction word have been used to specify the conditions under which the chip set will perform an automatic retry and the number of retries to be carried out (max. 3). At the end of each instruction execution cycle, the chip set writes a report word into the subsystem memory; the contents of which give the subsystem an indication of the degree of success of the transfer.
The bus controller may be used in either of two configurations, i.e. single shot or table driven.
In the single shot configuration, the controller is under direct control from the subsystem (processor). In table driven configuration, the controller is given greater autonomy to execute a table of instructions held in either ROM or RAM.
As a passive monitor, the chip set will monitor all bus activity and pass any associated information to the subsystem. As the name implies, in this mode of operation, the chip set is truly passive and will not reply to command instructions.

*Radiation Hard to 1MRads (Si)
*High SEU Immunity, Latch-Up Free
*CMOS-SOS Technology
*All Inputs and Outputs Fully TTL or CMOS Compatible
*Military Temperature Range -55 to +125°C
*Dual Bus Capability
*Minimal Subsystem Interface
*Powerful Bus Control Facility
*Complete Remote Terminal Protocol
*SEAFAC Approved

MA3691, MA3693, MAS3690CL, MAR3690CL, MAS3691CLMAR3691CL

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The UCD9220 is a multi-rail, multi-phase synchronous buck digital PWM controller designed for non-isolated DC/DC power applications. This device integrates dedicated circuitry for DC/DC loop
management with flash memory and a serial interface to support configuration, monitoring and management.
The UCD9220 was designed to provide a wide variety of desirable features for non-isolated DC/DC converter applications while minimizing the total system component count by reducing external circuits. The solution integrates multi-loop management with sequencing, margining, tracking and intelligent phase management to optimize for total system efficiency. Additionally, loop compensation and calibration are supported without the need to add external components.
To facilitate configuring the device, the Texas Instruments Fusion Digital Power™ Designer is provided. This PC based Graphical User Interface offers an intuitive interface to the device. This tool allows the design engineer to configure the system operating parameters for the application, store the configuration to on-chip non-volatile memory and observe both frequency domain and time domain simulations for each of the power stage outputs.
TI has also developed multiple complementary power stage solutions – from discrete drives in the UCD7k family to fully tested power train modules in the PTD family. These solutions have been developed to complement the UCD9k family of system power controllers.

*Fully Configurable Multi-Output and Multi-Phase Non-Isolated DC/DC PWM Controller
*Controls Up To Two Voltage Rails and Up To Four Phases
*Supports Switching Frequencies Up to 2MHz With 250 ps Duty-Cycle Resolution
*Up To 1mV Closed Loop Resolution
*Hardware-Accelerated, 3-Pole/3-Zero Compensator With Non-Linear Gain for Improved Transient Performance
*Supports Multiple Soft-Start and Soft-Stop Configurations Including Prebias Start-up
*Supports Voltage Tracking, Margining and Sequencing
*Supports Current and Temperature Balancing for Multi-Phase Power Stages
*Supports Phase Adding/Shedding for Multi-Phase Power Stages
*Sync In /Out Pins Align DPWM Clocks Between Multiple UCD9220 Devices
*12-Bit Digital Monitoring of Power Supply Parameters Including:
-Input Current and Voltage
-Output Current and Voltage
-Temperature at Each Power Stage
*Multiple Levels of Overcurrent Fault Protection:
-External Current Fault Inputs
-Analog Comparators Monitor Current Sense Voltage
-Current Digitally Monitored
*Over and Undervoltage Fault Protection
*Overtemperature Fault Protection
*Enhanced Nonvolatile Memory With Error Correction Code (ECC)
*Device Operates From a Single Supply With an Internal Regulator Controller That Allows Operation Over a Wide Supply Voltage Range
*Supported by Fusion Digital Power™ Designer, a Full Featured PC Based Design Tool to Simulate, Configure, and Monitor Power Supply Performance.

*Networking Equipment
*Telecommunications Equipment
*Storage Systems
*FPGA, DSP and Memory Power


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LX1996 is an integrated white LED driver for notebook size displays. It is designed to drive up to six strings of LEDs. The LX1996 consists of a boost converter and six precision current sources. It also includes a direct analog light sensor interface and can be dimmed by a PWM signal or by application of a DC control voltage.
Precision current mirror circuitry sets all channels to the same current with a single programming input. The current value can be programmed up to 30mA per channel with a single resistor from the PRG pin to ground. Channel to channel matching is within ± 0.5 percent typical at 25°C ambient of the channels mean at the rated output current.
Unique design features include temperature compensated LED current, and audible noise reduction using Ultrasonic Pulse Skipping.
Temperature compensated LED current is accomplished by a dedicated input pin (OT) that in conjunction with an external thermistor measures the LED’s ambient temperature and thereby prevents over temperature stress to the LEDs by keeping them within their safe operating area.
Additional features include low sleep mode current (6μA typ.) for extending battery time, multi-mode dimming via ambient light sensor interface, analog dimming, direct PWM dimming and combination of analog and direct PWM dimming for up to a 25000:1 dimming range.
The LX1996 is designed to work over a wide input voltage range from 6V to 28Vdc with adjustable over voltage protection (OVP), and short and open LED protection.
The LX1996 comes in a compact thermal efficient 4x4mm 24pin MLPQ package.

*White LED Backlight Controller for Middle Size Display Panels
*Up to 6 LED Strings with ±0.5% Precision Current Matching
*Wide Input Voltage Range from 6V to 28V
*Temperature Compensated LED Current
*Ultrasonic Pulse Skipping for audible noise reduction
*Direct Ambient Light Sensor Interface for Brightness Control
*High Efficiency over Full Dimming Range
*Low Standby Current
*On-chip Thermal Shut-down
*Over-voltage Protection
*Packaged in a Thermally Efficient 24 pin 4x4mm MLPQ Package

*Notebook & Monitor Displays
*Entertainment Systems
*Automotive Lighting & Panels


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General Description
This 8-bit Micro-controller uses a fully static CMOS technology to achieve high speed, small size, low power and high noise immunity.
Internal RC oscillator On chip memory includes 1K words of ROM, and 31 bytes of static RAM.

*Fully CMOS static design
*8-bit data bus
*On chip ROM size :1 K words
*Internal RAM size : 31 bytes (25 general purpose registers, 6 special registers)
*34 single word instructions
*14-bit instructions
*2-level stacks
*Operating voltage : 2.3V ~ 6 V
*Addressing modes include direct, indirect and relative addressing modes
*Power-on Reset
*RC oscillator, and R(160K) is changeable
*12 I/O pins with their own independent direction control

The application areas of this MDT10C41A1 range from appliance motor control and high speed automotive to low power remote transmitters/receivers, pointing devices, and telecommunications processors, such as Remote controller, small instruments, chargers, toy, automobile and PC peripheral … etc.

MDT10C41A1P, MDT10C41A1S

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The ISL6745A is a low-cost double-ended voltage-mode PWM controller designed for half-bridge and full-bridge power supplies and line-regulated bus converters. It provides precise control of switching frequency, adjustable soft-start, and overcurrent shutdown. In addition, the ISL6745A allows for accurate adjustment of MOSFET non-overlap time (“deadtime”) with deadtimes as low as 35ns, allowing power engineers to optimize the efficiency of open-loop bus converters. The ISL6745A also includes a control voltage input for closed-loop PWM and line voltage feed-forward functions. The ISL6745A is identical to the ISL6745, but is optimized for higher noise environments.
Low start-up and operating currents allow for easy biasing in both AC/DC and DC/DC applications. This advanced BiCMOS design also features adjustable switching frequency up to 1MHz, 1A FET drivers, and very low propagation delays for a fast response to overcurrent faults. The ISL6745A is available in a space-saving MSOP-10 package and is guaranteed to meet rated specifications over a wide -40°C to +105°C temperature range.

*Precision Duty Cycle and Deadtime Control
*100μA Start-up Current
*Adjustable Delayed Overcurrent Shutdown and Re-Start
*Adjustable Oscillator Frequency Up to 2MHz
*1A MOSFET Gate Drivers
*Adjustable Soft-Start
*Internal Over-Temperature Protection
*35ns Control to Output Propagation Delay
*Small Size and Minimal External Component Count
*Input Undervoltage Protection
*Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)

*Half-bridge Converters
*Full-bridge Converters
*Line-regulated Bus Converters
*AC/DC Power Supplies
*Telecom, Datacom, and File Server Power


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The IR3640M is a synchronous Buck PWM controller designed for performance demanding DC/DC applications. The single loop voltage mode architecture simplifies design while delivery precise output voltage regulation and fast transient response. Because of its wide input and output voltage range it can be used in a large variety of point of load applications within a system and across different markets.
The part is designed to drive a pair of N-Channel MOSFETs from 250kHz to 1.5Mhz switching frequency giving designers the flexibility to optimize the solution for best efficiency or smallest footprint. The output voltage can be precisely regulated from as low as 0.7V within a tolerance of +/-1% over temperature, line and load variations.
The device also integrates a diversity of features including; programmable soft start, pre-bias start up, voltage tracking, external synchronization, enable input and Power Good output. Fault protection features include thermal shutdown, over voltage and over current shutdown and under voltage lock out.

*4.5V to 5.5V external supply
*Wide Input voltage from 1.5V to 24V
*Output voltage range: 0.7V to 0.9*Vin
*Programmable switching frequency up to 1.5MHz
*Programmable Soft-start
*Hiccup mode over current protection using Rds(on) sensing
*Programmable OCP
*Reference voltage 0.7V (+/-1%, 0oC <Tj<125oC)
*Enhanced Pre-bias start up
*Output voltage tracking
*Integrated MOSFET drivers and bootstrap diode
*Operating temp: -40oC <Tj<125oC
*External synchronization
*Power Good output
*Thermal shut down
*Over voltage protection
*Enable Input with voltage monitoring capability
*Pb-Free & Halogen-Free (RoHS Compliant)
*20 -Lead MLPQ package (3mmx4mm)

*Point of Load Power Architectures
*Server & Netcom Applications
*Game Consoles
*General DC/DC Converters

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