The ZL60214 video IP surveillance camera cable extender module is a fully integrated device designed for direct connection between two types of media, 10/100Base-TX (Fast Ethernet on shielded/unshielded twisted pair copper cables (STP/UTP) and 100Base-FX (Fast Ethernet on multi-mode fiber) with single fiber, to extend the network reach up to 2 km.
The Link is based on Zarlink’s world class family of high-performance LEDs, VCSELs and PINs and have been optimized to offer excellent optical coupling efficiency in combination with high bandwidth operation and extremely good reliability.
The optical part of the modules uses dichronic beamsplitters for maximum optical power budget and minimum crosstalk. Minimum internal crosstalk is achieved by the use of wavelength-selective detectors.
The Modules is designed for multi-mode fiber and optimized for 62.5/125 μm fiber.
The link offers attractive advantages in terms of weight and flexibility that allows the device to be attached directly to the copper cable and fit inside the outdoor protective housing for the IP camera.
Power supply of 100 to 230 V AC.
The part is compliant to the EU directive 2002/95/EC issued 27 January 2003 [RoHS] with exception number 6.

*Full duplex communication over single stranded multi-mode fiber
*Transmission distance: Ethernet up to 100 m, multi-mode fiber up to 2 km
*Compact size: 14-ports in 19" 1u rack
*Power 100-230V AC
*One single ST Fiber connector per 100Base-FX fiber cable
*TX: 850 nm, RX: 1300 nm

*10/100 Mbps extended LAN distances between:
-LAN and local IP surveillance cameras
-LAN and local access points for wireless IP cameras
-Remote switches and IP cameras
-Remote switches and access points for IP cameras


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