*200 Watts Peak Pulse Power per Line (tp=8/20μs)
*Cable Discharge Event (CDE) Protection
*ESD Protection > 25 kilovolts
*Unidirectional Configuration
*Protects One Unidirectional Line
*RoHS Compliant

*Ethernet - 10/100/1000 Base T
*Cellular Phones
*Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
*USB Interfaces

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*RF low-loss filter for remote control receivers
*Package for Surface Mounted Technology(SMT)

*Reference temperature: TA = 25 °C
*Terminating source impedance: ZS = 50 W and matching network
*Terminating load impedance: ZL = 50 W and matching network

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• Meets IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and 802.5 Token Ring Standards
• Low Cost Transmitters and Receivers
• Choice of ST®, SMA, SC or FC Ports
• 820 nm Wavelength Technology
• Signal Rates up to 175 Megabaud
• Link Distances up to 4 km
• Specified with 50/125 mm, 62.5/125 mm, 100/140 mm, and 200 mm HCS® Fiber
• Repeatable ST Connections within 0.2 dB Typical
• Unique Optical Port Design for Efficient Coupling
• Auto-Insertable and Wave Solderable
• No Board Mounting Hardware Required
• Wide Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
• AlGaAs Emitters 100% Burn-In Ensures High Reliability
• Conductive Port Option with the SMA and ST Threaded Port Styles

• Local Area Networks
• Computer to Peripheral Links
• Computer Monitor Links
• Digital Cross Connect Links
• Central Office Switch/PBX Links
• Video Links
• Modems and Multiplexers
• Suitable for Tempest Systems
• Industrial Control Links

The HFBR-0400 Series of components is designed to provide cost effective, high performance fiber optic communication links for information systems and industrial applications with link
distances of up to 4 kilometers. With the HFBR-24X6, the 125 MHz analog receiver, data rates
of up to 175 megabaud are attainable.

HFBR-0414 HFBR-0463 HFBR-0414 HFBR-0414 HFBR-0416 HFBR-0416
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