The HD66113T is a common driver for large dot matrix liquid crystal graphics displays. It features 120 channels which can be divided into two groups of 60 channels by selecting data input/output pins. The driver is powered by about 3V, making it suitable for the design of portable equipment which fully utilizes the low power dissipation of liquid crystal elements. The HD66113T, packaged in a slim tape carrier package (slim-TCP), makes it possible to reduce the size of the user area (wiring area).

*Duty cycle: About 1/100 to 1/480
*120 LCD drive circuits
*High LCD driving voltage: 14V to 40V
*Output division function (2 ´ 60-channel outputs)
*Display off function
*Operating voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V
*Low output impedance: 0.7 kW (typ)

HD66113TA0, HD66113TA1

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 The HD61203U is a common signal driver for dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display systems.
It generates the timing signals (switch signal to convert LCD waveform to AC, frame synchronous signal) and supplies them to the column driver to control display.
It provides 64 driver output lines and the impedance is low enough to drive a large screen.
As the HD61203U is produced by a CMOS process, it is fit for use in portable battery-driven equipment utilizing the liquid crystal display’s low power consumption.
The user can easily construct a dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display system by combining the HD61203U and the column (segment) driver HD61202U.

* Dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display common driver with low impedance
* Low impedance: 1.5 kW max
* Internal liquid crystal display driver circuit: 64 circuits
* Internal dynamic display timing generator circuit
* Display duty cycle
* When used with the column driver HD61202U: 1/48, 1/64, 1/96, 1/128
* When used with the controller HD61830: Selectable out of 1/32 to 1/128
* Low power dissipation: During displays: 5 mW
* Power supplies: VCC: 2.7~5.5V
* Power supply voltage for liquid crystal display drive: 8V to 16V
* CMOS process
* 100-pin plastic QFP, 100-pin plastic TQFP, chip


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General Description
The LMP8270, LMP8275 are fixed gain differential amplifiers with a -2V to 27V input common mode voltage range and a supply voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5V. The LMP8270, LMP8275 are precision amplifiers which will detect, amplify and filter small differential signals in the presence of high common mode voltages. The gain is fixed at 20 and is adequate to drive an ADC to full scale in most cases. The LMP8270, LMP8275 have a preamplifier with a fixed gain of 10 and an amplifier with a fixed gain of 2, achieving overall fixed gain of 20. The internal signal path between these two stages is brought out on two pins, A1 and A2, which provide a connection for a filter network.
 The LMP8270, LMP8275 will function with reduced specifications over the extended common mode input voltage range of -5 to 36 Volts. This feature makes the device suitable for applications with load dump in automotive systems.

* Typical Values, TA = 25°C
* Input Offset Voltage                                                      1mV max
* TCVos (LMP8270)                                                  15µV/°C max
* TCVos (LMP8275)                                                  30µV/°C max
* CMRR                                                                        80dB Min
* Extended CMVR                                                        -5V to 36V
* Output Voltage Swing                                                Rail to Rail
* Bandwidth                                                                      80KHz
* Operating Temperature Range (Ambient)                  -40°C to 125°C
* Operating Temperature Range (bare die)                 -40°C to 150°C
* Supply Voltage                                                        4.5V to 5.5V
* Supply Current                                                                   1mA

* Fuel Injection Control
* Low Side Driver Configuration Current Sensing
* Power Management Systems


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