The MC34064 is an undervoltage sensing circuit designed specifically for use as a reset controller in microprocessor- based systems. It offers the designer an economical, space-efficient solution for low supply voltage detection when used in combination with a single pullup resistor. Adding one capacitor offers the functionality of a programmable delay time after power returns. The 34064 consists of a temperature stable reference comparator with hysteresis, high-current clamping diode and open collector output stage capable of sinking up to 60mA. The MC34064's RESET output is specified to be fully functional at VIN=1V. A major improvement over competing products is the glitch-free supply current during undervoltage detection. Competing products demand a step function increase in operating current during the time that you least want or need it: during power loss. See Product Highlight below.

*Monitors 5V Supplies (VT = 4.6V Typ.)
*Outputs Fully Defined At VIN = 1V (See Figure 1)
*Glitch-Free Supply Current During Switching (See Product Highlight)
*Ultra-Low Supply Current (500μA Max.)
*Temperature Compensated ICC For Extremely Stable Current Consumption
*μP Reset Function Programmable With 1 External Resistor And Capacitor
*Comparator Hysteresis Prevents Output Oscillation
*Electrically Compatible With Motorola MC34064
*Pin-to-Pin Compatible With Motorola MC34064 / MC34164

*All Microprocessor Or Microcontroller Designs Using 5V Supplies
*Simple 5V Undervoltage Detection

MC34064DM, MC34064LP, MC34064PK, MC33064DM, MC33064LP, MC33064PK

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The HD66523 is a common driver for liquid crystal dot-matrix graphic display system. This device incorporates a 240 liquid crystal driver and an oscillator, and generates timing signals (line scanning signals and frame synchronizing signals) required for the liquid crystal display. It features a new LCD driving technique for better quality of display and low power dissipation. Combined with the HD66522, a 160-channel column driver with an internal RAM, the HD66523 is optimal for use in displays for portable information tools.

*LCD timing generator: 1/200, 1/240 duty cycle timing are generated internally.
*Number of LCD drivers: 240
*Power supply voltage: 2.4V to 3.6V
*High voltage LCD drive circuit: ±20V
*LCD driving technique: Multi-line addressing for low power consumption.
*Programmable vertical retrace period: zero to 192 lines
*Low power consumption
*Internal display off function
*On-chip oscillator combined with external resistor and capacitor.
*Package: TCP

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PBL 3770A is a bipolar monolithic circuit intended to control and drive the current in one winding of a stepper motor. It is a high power version of PBL 3717 and special care has been taken to optimize the power handling capability without suffering in reliability.
The circuit consists of a LS-TTL compatible logic input stage, a current sensor, a monostable multivibrator and a high power H-bridge output stage. The circuit is pin-compatible with the PBL 3717 industry-standard driver.
Two PBL 3770A and a small number of external components form a complete control and drive unit for LS-TTL or microprocessor-controlled stepper motor systems.

Key Features
• Half-step and full-step operation.
• Switched mode bipolar constant current drive
• Wide range of current control 5 -1800 mA.
• Wide voltage range 10 - 45 V.
• Designed for unstabilized moto supply voltage.
• Current levels can be selected in steps or varied continuously.
• Thermal overload protection.


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The MT9171 (DSIC) and MT9172 (DNIC) are pin for pin compatible replacements for the MT8971 and MT8972, respectively. They are multi-function devices capable of providing high speed, full duplex digital transmission up to 160 kbit/s over a twisted wire pair.
They use adaptive echo-cancelling techniques and transfer data in (2B+D) format compatible to the ISDN basic rate. Several modes of operation allow an easy interface to digital telecommunication networks including use as a high speed limited distance modem with data rates up to 160 kbit/s. Both devices function identically but with the DSIC having a shorter maximum loop reach specification. The generic "DNIC" will be used to reference both devices unless otherwise noted. The MT9171/72 is fabricated in Zarlink’s ISO2-CMOS process.

*Full duplex transmission over a single twisted pair
*Selectable 80 or 160 kbit/s line rate
*Adaptive echo cancellation
*Up to 3 km (9171) and 4 km (9172)
*ISDN compatible (2B+D) data format
*Transparent modem capability
*Frame synchronization and clock extraction
*Zarlink ST-BUS compatible
*Low power (typically 50 mW), single 5 V supply

*Digital subscriber lines
*High speed data transmission over twisted wires
*Digital PABX line cards and telephone sets
*80 or 160 kbit/s single chip modem

MT9171/72AE, MT9171/72AN, MT9171/72AP, MT9171/72APR, MT9171/72ANR
MT9171/72AE1, MT9171/72AP1, MT9171/72AN1, MT9171/72APR1, MT9171/72ANR1

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The CAT705, CAT706, and CAT813 provide reset and monitoring functions for the electronic systems.
Each device monitors the system voltage and maintains a reset output until that voltage reaches the device’s specified trip value and then maintains the reset output active condition until the device’s internal timer allows the system power supply to stabilize.

* Accurate under voltage system monitoring
* R¯¯E¯S¯E¯T¯ guaranteed valid for VCC = 1.0V
* 6μA supply current
* 200ms RESET pulse width
* Watchdog timer function 1.6 sec timeout
* Brownout detection system reset for use with 3.0, 3.6, and 5.0 volt systems
* Pin and function compatible with the MAX705/706/813L products
* Operating Range from -40°C to +85°C
* Available in SOIC 8-lead and MSOP 8-lead packages

* Microprocessor and microcontroller based systems
* Intelligent instruments
* Control systems
* Critical μP monitors
* Portable equipment

TAG Circuit

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 The PBL 3766 Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) is a monolithic integrated circuit, manufactured in 75 V bipolar technology.
The PBL 3766 SLIC facilitates the design of cost effective, high performance on-premises (ONS) analog line interface ards for PABX systems and terminal adapters.
Small package size and few required external components result in a miniaturized design.
The PBL 3766 programmable, constant current loop feed system can operate with battery supply voltages between -24 V and -58 V.
The SLIC incorporates loop current and ring trip detection functions as well as a ring relay driver.
The two- to four-wire and four- to two-wire voice frequency (vf) signal conversion, i.e. the hybrid function, is provided by the SLIC in conjunction with either a conventional or a programmable CODEC/filter.
The PBL 3766 package is a 22 pin, plastic dual-in-line (batwing) or a 28-pin, plastic j-leaded chip carrier (PLCC).
The differences between PBL 3766 and PBL 3766/6 are the specifications for balance, output offset voltage, and insertion loss.

Key Features
* Low cost
* Few external components
* Programmable, constant current loop feed
* Line feed characteristics independent of battery supply variations
* -24 V to -58 V battery supply voltage range
* Detectors
– programmable loop current detector
– ring trip detector
* Ring relay driver
* Hybrid function with conventional or programmable CODEC/filters
* Line terminating impedance, complex or real, set by a simple external network or controlled by a programmable CODEC/filter
* Idle noise typ. -83 dBmp, typ. 7 dBrnC
* Low on-hook power dissipation: 20 mW @ -28 V, 35 mW @ -48 V
* Tip-ring open circuit state for subscriber loop power denial
* On-hook transmission


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 AM457 is a high-precision integrated amplifier which has been developed to condition signals
from small differential input voltages within a range of a few millivolts (±5 to ±100 mV FS).
The chief component of the IC is a highly accurate, low-noise amplifier circuit which can be adjusted to the sensing elements using an external network of resistors.
With the exception of the additional operational amplifier and the diagnostic unit IC AM467's
pins and functions are compatible with the AM457.
The rail-to-rail output makes the IC suitable for the amplification of DMS and piezoceramic sensing elements and GMR measuring cells with respect to the specific calibration network.

* Wide differential input voltage range (±5 mV FS...±100 mV FS)
* Low offset
* Low offset drift
* Low input noise
* High CMRR: > 120 dB
* Wide operating temperature range: – 40 °C... +125 °C
* Adjustable output voltage
* Rail-to-rail output stage: VOUT = 0.2 V ... VCC – 0.2 V
* Sink/source output
* Single ratiometric supply: VCC = 5 V
* Integrated EMV protective functions
* Overvoltage protection 12 V
* Integrated ESD protective functions
* Short-circuit-proofing
* Small-scale design


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 The UPC842GR-9LG, UPC4742GR-9LG are a high speed version of the operational amplifier UPC1251GR-9LG, UPC1251MP-KAA, UPC358GR-9LG for general single power supply use with high speed pulse response and high stabilization.
A high speed PNP transistor is used in the circuit which improves the characteristics such as a slew rate, gain-bandwidth product, stabilization of the withstand load capacitance, with no crossover distortion compared to UPC1251GR-9LG, UPC 1251MP-KAA, UPC358GR-9LG.
Therefore, UPC842GR-9LG, UPC4742GR-9LG can be used in a wide range of application circuits for single power supply AC amplifier, active filters, line driver and an amplifier for light receiving element etc.
The UPC842GR-9LG which expands temperature type is suited for wide operating ambient temperature use, and UPC4742GR-9LG is used for general purposes.
UPC844GR-9LG, UPC4744GR-9LG which are quad types with the same circuit configuration are also available as series of operational amplifiers.

• Slew Rate (AV = +1) 7 V/μs (TYP.)
• Stability to capacitive loads (load capacity, 1000 pF) (V+ = +5 V, V− = GND)
• Internal frequency compensation
• Gain Band Width Product 3.5 MHz (TYP.)
• Output short-circuit protection
• Input Offset Voltage ±2 mV (TYP.)
• A pin connection (pin compatible) of a standard dual operational
• Input Offset Current ±6 nA (TYP.) amplifier.
• Wide operating ambient temperature range
UPC842GR-9LG: TA = −40 to +125°C, UPC4742GR-9LG: TA = −40 to +85°C


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 The UPD16803 is a monolithic dual H bridge driver circuit which uses N-channel power MOS FETs in its driver stage.
By employing the power MOS FETs for the output stage, this driver circuit has a substantially improved saturation voltage and power consumption as compared with conventional driver circuits that use bipolar transistors.
In addition, the drive current can be adjusted by an external resistor in a power-saving mode.
The UPD16803 is therefore ideal as the driver circuit of the 2-phase excitation, bipolar-driven stepping motor for the head actuator of an FDD.

• Low ON resistance (sum of ON resistors of top and bottom transistors)
- RON1 = 1.5 W TYP. (VM = 5.0 V)
- RON2 = 2.0 W TYP. (VM = 12.0 V)
• Low current consumption: IDD = 0.4 mA TYP.
• Stop mode function that turns OFF all output transistors
• Compact surface mount package: 20-pin plastic SOP (300 mil)


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The CPC1580 optical gate driver provides isolated control of a discrete power MOSFET transistor without the need of an external power supply.
Control of the power MOSFET transistor is accomplished by the application of sufficient input LED current to activate the driver circuitry.
On the load side, an external storage capacitor and an internal bootstrap diode enable the internal photovoltaic and gate driver circuitry to provide fast output switching characteristics by supplying the charge necessary to satisfy the MOSFET’s bias requirements.
Provided in a small 8-pin package, the CPC1580 provides 3750Vrms of input-to-output isolation.

• Drives External Power MOSFET
• Low LED Current (2.5mA)
• Requires No External Power Supply
• Load Voltages up to 65V
• High Reliability
• Small 8-pin Surface Mount Package
• 3750Vrms Input/Output Isolation

• Industrial Controls
• Instrumentation
• Medical Equipment Isolation
• Electronic Switching
• I/O Subsystems
• Appliances


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