The RF Solutions RF600E, & RF600D are easy to use encoder and decoder I/C’s. They have been designed to achieve the maximum possible range from any radio / Infra Red transmitter receiver set.
Unlike other encoder /decoder devices the RF600E/600D provide an unprecedented level of security which prevents copying or grabbing whist also obtaining optimum range from the transmitter and receiver.
The devices are very easy to use and can be inserted directly into a circuit. The RF600D has an easy learn feature enabling it to learn up to 7 unique RF600E encoder devices in standalone mode or up to 48 encoder devices when used in conjunction with an external EEPROM.
These devices enable a simple but secure remote telemetry application whilst obtaining the maximum range from the radio set.

*Highly Secure Protocol
*RF Encoder & Decoder IC’s
*Simple to Use
*Stand Alone Operation
*Achieves Maximum Range from RF Modules
*1 – 4 Switch Options (15 states)
*Decoder Serial Output
*Led Indication of Transmission
*Directly Compatible with Keeloq Decoder
*Easy Learn Feature of Transmitters
*Sleep Mode
*Up to 48 Transmitters can be Learned
*Optimum Range: AM up to 100m, FM up to 200m, IR up to 20m
*Compatible with RF Solutions Systems

Typical Applications
*General Purpose Remote Control
*Automotive alarm systems
*Gate and garage openers
*Electronic door locks
*Identity tokens
*Burglar alarm systems

RF600E, RF600E-SO, RF600DR6, RF600DR6-SO, RF600D8R6, RF600D-SO8R6

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The W83194BR-703 is a Clock Synthesizer for SIS 741 chipset with 964 South Bridge. W83194BR- 703 provides all clocks required for high-speed microprocessor and provides step-less frequency programming and 32 different frequencies of CPU, PCI, and AGP clocks setting, support two ZCLK clock and one pair current mode differential SRC clock outputs; all clocks are externally selectable with smooth transitions.
The W83194BR-703 provides I2C serial bus interface to program the registers to enable or disable each clock outputs and provides -0.5% and +/-0.25% center type spread spectrum or programmable S.S.T. scale to reduce EMI.
The W83194BR-703 also has watchdog timer to support auto-reset when systems hanging caused by improper frequency setting.
The W83194BR-703 accepts a 14.318 MHz reference crystal as its input and runs on a 3.3V supply.

• 1 3.3V open drain Differential pairs clock outputs for CPU
• 1 3.3V open drain singled-ended clock output for chipset host bus.
• 1 pair 3.3V current mode differential SRC clock.
• 2 3.3V ZCLK clock outputs
• 2 AGP clock outputs
• 8 PCI synchronous clocks
• 2 2.5V IOAPIC clock outputs
• 1 24_48Mhz clock output for super I/O.
• 1 12_48 MHz clock output for USB.
• 3 14.318MHz REF clock outputs.
• ZCLK/AGP/PCI clock out supports synchronous and asynchronous mode
• Smooth frequency switch with selections from 100 to 218MHz
• Step-less frequency programming
• I2C 2-Wire serial interface and support byte read/write and block read/write.
• -0.5% and +/- 0.25% center type spread spectrum
• Programmable S.S.T. scale to reduce EMI
• Programmable registers to enable/stop each output and select modes
• Programmable clock outputs Skew control
• 48-pin SSOP package

TAG Chipset, Clock

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