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  1. 2009/09/28 CAV414 - Converter IC for Capacitive Signals
The CAV414 is an universal multipurpose interface for capacitive sensors and contains the complete signal processing unit on chip. The CAV414 detects the relative capacitive change of a measuring capacity to a fixed reference capacity. The IC is optimised for capacities in the wide range of 10pF to 2nF with possible changes of capacity of 5% to 100% of the reference capacity.
The voltage output is formed by a high accuracy instrumentation amplifier in combination with an operational amplifier.
With only a few external components, the CAV414 is suitable for a great variety of applications including a zero compensation.

*Wide Supply Voltage Range: 6...35V
*Wide Operating Temperature Range: –40°C...+85°C
*High Detection Sensitivity of Relative Capacitive Changes: 5% – 100%
*Detection Frequency up to 2kHz
*Adjustable Voltage Range: 0...5/10V, other
*Reference Voltage Source: 5V
*Protection against Reverse Polarity
*Output Current Limitation
*Adjustable with only two Resistors

*Industrial Process Control
*Distance Measurement
*Pressure Measurement
*Humidity Measurement
*Level Control

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