The ATS675 is the next generation of the Allegro® True Power-On State (TPOS) sensor family, offering improved accuracy compared to prior generations, gradual TPOS to Running Mode adjustment for accuracy-shift reduction, and longer output fall time for improved radiated emissions performance. The ATS675 provides absolute zero-speed performance and TPOS information.
The sensor incorporates a single-element Hall IC with an optimized custom magnetic circuit that switches in response to magnetic signals created by a ferromagnetic target. The IC
contains a sophisticated digital circuit designed to eliminate the detrimental effects of magnet and system offsets. Signal processing is used to provide device performance at zero target
speed, independent of air gap, and which adapts dynamically to the typical operating conditions found in automotive applications, particularly camshaft-sensing applications.
High resolution peak-detecting DACs are used to set the adaptive switching thresholds of the device, ensuring high accuracy despite target eccentricity. Internal hysteresis in the thresholds
reduces the negative effects of anomalies in the magnetic signal (such as magnetic overshoot) associated with targets used in many automotive applications. The resulting output of the
device is a digital representation of the ferromagnetic target profile. The ATS675 also includes a low bandwidth filter that increases the noise immunity and the signal-to-noise ratio of the sensor.
The device package is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin leadframe plating.

Features and Benefits
*Chopper stabilized; optimized for automotive cam sensing applications
*Optimized absolute timing accuracy step size through gradual transition from TPOS to Running Mode
*High immunity to signal anomalies resulting from magnetic overshoot and peak-to-peak field variation
*Tight timing accuracy over full operating temperature range
*True zero-speed operation
*Automatic Gain Control circuitry for air gap independent switchpoints
*Operation at supply voltages down to 3.3 V
*Digital output representing target profile
*Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
*Patented Hall IC-magnet system
*Increased output fall time for improved radiated emissions performance


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