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The CXA2150AQ is a bipolar IC which integrates base-band Y/C signal processing, RGB signal processing, horizontal sync signal processing that supports 15.7/31.5/33.75/37.9/45kHz, and a vertical deflection circuit that supports 50/60/100/120Hz into a single chip.
This IC has been developed for DTV, and realizes the configuration of a high-end TV system that supports 960i, 1080i, 720p, etc. in addition to 480i.

• I2C bus supported
• YCbCr input offset adjustment circuit
• LTI and CTI circuits
• Sharpness f0 switching circuit that supports band width of various input sources
• Color (Cr signal) dependent sharpness circuit
• Coring circuit for VM signal
• AKB system
• Various ABL functions
• Two sets of analog RGB inputs
• Horizontal sync processing that supports 15.7/31.5/33.75/37.9/45kHz
• Vertical deflection circuit that supports 50/60/100/120Hz
• Quick responsed VAGC when switching channels etc.
• Deflection compensation circuit capable of supporting various wide modes
• For flat-TV suitable various VSAW waveform and parabola output

Color TVs (4:3, 16:9)

Bipolar silicon monolithic IC
TAG CRT, Driver

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General features
State-of-the-art technology:
– Diffused collector “enhanced generation”
More stable performance versus operating temperature variation
Low base drive requirement
Tighter hFE range at operating collector current
Fully insulated power package U.L. compliant
Integrated free wheeling diode
In compliance with the 2002/93/EC European Directive


 The MD2103DFX is manufactured using Diffused Collector in Planar technology adopting new and enhanced high voltage structure.
 The new MD product series show improved silicon efficiency briging updated performance to
the horizontal deflection stage.


Horizontal deflection output for TV


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General Description
The LM2406 is an integrated high voltage CRT driver circuit designed for use in color monitor applications. The IC contains three high input impedance, wide band amplifiers which directly drive the RGB cathodes of a CRT. The gain of each channel is internally set at b14.5 and can drive CRT capacitive loads as well as resistive loads presented by other applications, limited only by the package's power dissipation.

- Output swing capability: 50 VPP for VCC e 80
                                     40 VPP for VCC e 70
                                     30 VPP for VCC e 60
- Pinout designed for easy PCB layout
- 1V to 7V input range
- Stable with 0 pF±20 pF capacitive loads
- Convenient TO-220 staggered lead style package

- CRT driver for 1024 x 768 (Non-interlaced) and SVGA display resolution color monitors
- Pixel clock frequency up to 80 MHz
TAG CRT, Driver

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