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  1. 2007/07/24 GM3255- 1.5A 280kHz DC-DC CONVERTOR BOOST REGULATOR
 GM3255 products are 280 kHz switching regulators with a high efficiency, 1.5 A integrated switch. These parts operate over a wide input voltage range, from 2.7 V to 30 V.
The flexibility of the design allows the chips to operate in most power supply configurations, including boost, flyback, forward, inverting, and SEPIC. The ICs utilize current mode architecture, which allows excellent load and line regulation, as well as a practical means for limiting current.

 Combining high frequency operation with a highly integrated regulator circuit results in an extremely compact power supply solution. The circuit design includes provisions for features such as frequency synchronization, shutdown, and feedback controls for either positive or negative voltage regulation.

* Integrated Power Switch: 1.5 A Guaranteed
* Input Voltage Range: 2.7 V to 30 V
* High Frequency Allows for Small Components
* Minimum External Components
* Easy External Synchronization
* Built in Overcurrent Protection
* Frequency Foldback Reduces Component
* Stress During an Overcurrent Condition
* Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis
* Regulates Either Positive or Negative Output Voltages
* Shut Down Current: 50 μA Maximum
* Wide Temperature Range Commercial
* Commercial Grade : 0 to 70°C (GM3255)

* Boost Regulators
* CCFL Backlight Driver
* Laptop Computer Supplies
* Multiple Output Flyback Supplies
* Inverting Supplies
* TFT LCD Bias Supplies


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