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  2. 2006/11/21 IR2166 - PFC & BALLAST CONTROL IC
This IC takes full advantage of IR’s patented ballast and high-voltage technologies to realize a simple, highperformance dimming ballast solution. A single high-voltage pin senses the half-bridge current and voltage to perform necessary ballast protection functions. The DC dim input voltage reference and the AC lamp current feedback have been coupled together allowing a single pin to be used for dimming. Combining these high-voltage control algorithms together with a simple dimming method in a single 8-pin IC results in a large reduction in component count, an increase in manufacturability and reliability, a reduced design cycle time, while maintaining high dimming ballast system performance

IC Features
*Dimming ballast control plus half-bridge driver
*Closed-loop lamp current dimming control
*Internal non-ZVS protection
*Internal crest factor protection
*Programmable preheat time
*Fixed dead-time (2.0μs typ.)
*Lamp insert auto-restart
*Internal bootstrap MOSFET
*Internal 15.6V zener clamp diode on Vcc
*Micropower startup (250μA)
*Latch immunity and ESD protection

Ballast System Features
*Single chip dimming solution
*Simple lamp current dimming control method
*Single lamp current sensing resistor required
*No half-bridge current-sensing resistor required
*No external protection circuits required (fully internal)
*Flash-free lamp start at all dimming levels
*Large reduction in component count
*Easy to use for fast design cycle time
*Increased manufacturability and reliability

Typical applications
*Linear dimming ballast (down to 10%)
*3-way dimming ballast
*Multi-level switch dimming ballast


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• PFC, Ballast control and half-bridge driver in one IC
• Critical conduction mode boost type PFC
• No PFC current sense resistor required
• Programmable preheat frequency
• Programmable preheat time
• Programmable run frequency
• Programmable over-current protection
• Programmable end-of-life protection
• Programmable dead time
• Internal ignition ramp
• Internal fault counter
• DC bus under-voltage reset
• Shutdown pin with hysteresis
• Internal 15.6V zener clamp diode on Vcc
• Micropower startup (150μA)
• Latch immunity and ESD protection

The IR2166 is a fully integrated, fully protected 600V ballast control IC designed to drive all types of fluorescent lamps. PFC circuitry operates in critical conduction mode and provides for high PF, low THD and DC Bus regulation. The IR2166 features include programmable preheat and run frequencies, programmable preheat time, programmable dead-time, programmable over-current protection, and programmable endof- life protection. Comprehensive protection features such as protection from failure of a lamp to strike, filament failures, end-of-life protection, DC bus undervoltage reset as well as an automatic restart function, have been included in the design. The IR2166 is available in both 16-lead PDIP and 16-lead (narrow body) SOIC packages.


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