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  1. 2009/02/07 TK10651 - LOW VOLTAGE COMPANDOR
TK10651 is a noise reduction IC developed mainly for cordless phones. It is also used for voice and data communications. It has a built-in compressor circuit to increase the average modulation level and an expander circuit to reduce the noise level. The expander restores the
original dynamics of the input signal. The result is a high quality signal transmission with low noise. Among the many functions included, analog switching of the input and output signal is particularly useful in cordless telephones. Separate data input and output are provided. The audio signal path can be muted during data transmission. The signal path used for data transmission bypasses the compressor and expander circuits.

*Data and Voice Inputs
*Data and Voice Outputs
*Low Supply Current
*Regulated Output
*Wide Operating Voltage Range
*Low Standby Current
*Microphone Amplifier
*IDC Circuit (Instantaneous Deviation Control)

*Portable Instrumentation
*Cordless Telephones
*Handy Talkies
*Amateur Radio Transceivers

TK10651MTL, TK10651M

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