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  1. 2008/03/27 AS7C31026C - 3.3 V 64K X 16 CMOS SRAM
Functional description
 The AS7C31026C is a 3V high-performance CMOS 1,048,576-bit Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) device organized as 65,536 words × 16 bits.
It is designed for memory applications where fast data access, low power, and simple interfacing are desired.
Equal address access and cycle times (tAA, tRC, tWC) of 10 ns with output enable access times (tOE) of 5 ns are ideal for highperformance applications.
When CE is high, the device enters standby mode.
A write cycle is accomplished by asserting write enable (WE) and chip enable (CE).
Data on the input pins I/O0 through I/O15 is written on the rising edge of WE (write cycle 1) or CE (write cycle 2).
To avoid bus contention, external devices should drive I/O pins only after outputs have been disabled with output enable (OE) or write enable (WE).
A read cycle is accomplished by asserting output enable (OE) and chip enable (CE) with write enable (WE) high.
The chips drive I/O pins with the data word referenced by the input address.
When either chip enable or output enable is inactive or write enable is active, output drivers stay in high-impedance mode.
The device provides multiple center power and ground pins, and separate byte enable controls, allowing individual bytes to be written and read.
LB controls the lower bits, I/O0 through I/O7, and UB controls the higher bits, I/O8 through I/O15.
All chip inputs and outputs are TTL-compatible, and operation is from a single 3.3 V supply. The AS7C31026C is packaged in common industry standard packages.

• Industrial (-40o to 85oC) temperature
• Organization: 65,536 words × 16 bits
• Center power and ground pins for low noise
• High speed
- 10 ns address access time
- 5 ns output enable access time
• Low power consumption via chip deselect
• Upper and Lower byte pin
• Easy memory expansion with CE, OE inputs
• TTL-compatible, three-state I/O
• JEDEC standard packaging
- 44-pin 400 mil SOJ
- 44-pin TSOP 2-400
- 48-ball 6 × 8 mm BGA
• ESD protection ≥ 2000 volts


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