M63816P/FP/KP are eight-circuit Single transistor arrays with clamping diodes. The circuits are made of NPN transistors. Both the semiconductor integrated circuits perform high-current driving with extremely low input-current supply.

*Three package configurations (P, FP, and KP)
*Medium breakdown voltage (BVCEO ³ 35V)
*Synchronizing current (IC(max) = 300mA)
*With clamping diodes
*Low output saturation voltage
*Wide operating temperature range (Ta = –40 to +85°C)

Driving of digit drives of indication elements (LEDs and lamps) with small signals

M63816FP, M63816KP

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General Description
The 74F1071 is an 18-bit undershoot/overshoot clamp which is designed to limit bus voltages and also to protect more sensitive devices from electrical overstress due to electrostatic discharge (ESD). The inputs of the device aggressively clamp voltage excursions nominally at 0.5V below and 7V above ground.

* 18-bit array structure in 20-pin package
* FASTâ Bipolar voltage clamping action
* Dual center pin grounds for min inductance
* Robust design for ESD protection
* Low input capacitance
* Optimum voltage clamping for 5V CMOS/TTL applications

74F1071SC 74F1071MSA 74F1071MTC
TAG bit, CLAMP, device, ESD

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