The AN12974A audio power amplifier features built-in AGC circuitry and Spatializer environ.
The Spatializer environ is Desper Products, Inc.'s exclusive signal processing technology that is able to generate surround sound for low-power mobile applications. The technology is based on the company’s commercial 3D audio production system, PROSpatializer Audio Production System. The AN12974A IC employs the same innovative technology of the PRO-Spatializer Audio Production System to enhance sound for products with close proximity speakers such as those on headphones and cellular phones to expand the soundfield for a much more spacious sound.

*Delivers spacious 3D sound for a stereo system with such as cellular phones' speakers in close proximity.
*The AGC circuitry can activate to minimize distortion, raising the average volume level and it can prevent speaker from breaking when an input level is too high.
*High output BTL power amplifier, when AGC is on, speaker output: 700mW (VCC-SP = 4.2 V, RL = 8 Ω, when AGC is on, the rate of the output wave pattern's distortion would be approximately 1%)
*Operating supply voltage: VCC = 2.55 V to 3.5 V, VCC-SP = 2.55 V to 4.5 V

*Cellular phones, PDAs and portable DVD players

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The APU3146 IC combines a Dual synchronous Buck controller, providing a cost-effective, high performance and flexible solution.
The APU3146 can configured as 2-independent or as 2-phase controller.
The 2-phase configuration is ideal for high current applications.
The APU3146 features 180 out of phase operation which reduces the required input/output capacitance and results to few number of capacitor quantity.
Other key features offered by this device include two independent programmable soft starts, programmable switching frequency up to 500KHz per phase, under voltage lockout function.
The current limit is provided by sensing the lower MOSFET's on-resistance for optimum cost and performance.

* Dual Synchronous Controller with 180 out-of-phase
* Configurable to 2-Independent Outputs or 2-Phase Single Output
* Current Sharing Using Inductor's DCR
* Current Limit using MOSFET's RDS(ON)
* Hiccup/Latched Current Limit
* Latched Over-Voltage Protection
* Vcc from 4.5V to 16V Input
* Programmable Switching Frequency up to 500KHz
* Two Independent Soft-Starts/Shutdowns
* 0.8V Precision Reference Voltage Available
* Power Good Output
* External Frequency Synchronization

* Embedded Computer Systems
* Telecom Systems
* Point of Load Power Architectures

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