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  1. 2009/09/16 TQ3132 - Low Current, 3V Cellular Band CDMA/AMPS LNA IC
Product Description
The TQ3132 is a low current, 3V, RF LNA IC designed specifically for Cellular band CDMA/AMPS applications. It’s RF performance meets the requirements of products designed to the IS-95 and AMPS standards. The TQ3132 is designed to be used with the TQ5131 or TQ5132 (CDMA/AMPS mixer) which provides a complete CDMA receiver for 800MHz dual-mode phones.
The LNA incorporates on-chip switches which determine CDMA, AMPS, and bypass mode select. When used with the TQ5131 or TQ5132 (CDMA RFA/mixer), four gain states are available. The RF output port is internally matched to 50 Ω, greatly simplifying the design and keeping the number of external components to a minimum. The TQ3132 achieves good RF performance with low current
consumption, supporting long standby times in portable applications. Coupled with the very small SOT23-8 package, the part is ideally suited for Cellular band mobile phones.

*Small size: SOT23-8
*Single 3V operation
*Low-current operation
*Gain Select
*Mode Select
*High IP3 performance
*Few external components
*50Ω Output

*IS-95 CDMA Mobile Phones
*AMPS Mobile Phones
*Dual Mode CDMA Cellular applications
*832-870MHz CDMA applications
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