Product Description
TriQuint’s TQM613027 is a fully matched CDMA cellular band PA/Duplexer (PAD) module for use in mobile phones.
The 7.0 x 4.0 x 1.2 mm, 20-pin module includes a SAW Duplexer, Power Amplifier, Differential input transmit filter, RF Power Coupler and Logic Controller.
With an RF Power Output up to 25.5dBm the TQM613027 PAD meets the strict ACPR and ALTR requirements for products designed to the CDMA IS-95/98/2000 standards.
It’s thin form factor and compact size, coupled with the low quiescent current, makes the TQM613027 ideal for today’s compact feature rich multi-media handsets requiring longer battery life.
TriQuint’s multilayer laminate technology provides low loss interconnect and optimized match between the duplexer, PA and filter enabling the TQM613027 to achieve only 40 mA of typical current consumption at maximum output power in low power mode (+13.5dBm).
The small 7.0 × 4.0 mm module replaces four separate components and matching requiring less board space.
TQM613027 provides handset designers with a simple to use surface mount module requiring minimal external circuitry for faster time to market and reduced BOM count.

* InGaP GaAs HBT PA with high efficiency at low power architecture
* Low Quiescent Current
- Typical: 18 mA
* Low Current Consumption
- Typical: 430 mA @ +25.5dBm
- Typical: 415 mA @ +24.5dBm
- Typical: 40 mA @ +13.5dBm
* Excellent ACPR
- Typical: -50 dBc @ +/- 885kHz offset
* Excellent ALTR
- Typical: -60 dBc @ +/- 1.98 MHz offset
* Lead-free 260°C RoHS Compliant
* Small 20-pin, 7.0x4.0mm module with matching replacing ~10 discrete components
* Height of 1.17mm for thin phones
* Integrated duplexer, coupler, differential input transmit filter and matching
* Optimized for use with Qualcomm’s QSC6010/20/30TM single chip devices

* IS-95/98/CDMA2000
* Single-band CDMA Cellular radios
TAG CDMA, cellular

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Product Description
 The TQM713024 is a 3V, 2 stage GaAs HBT Power Amplifier Module designed for use in mobile phones.
Its compact 3x3mm package makes it ideal for today’s extremely small data enabled phones.
Its RF performance meets the requirements for IS-95/98/CDMA2000 & WCDMA Rel99 standards.
The TQM713024 is designed on TriQuint’s advanced InGaP HBT GaAs technology offering state of the art reliability, temperature stability and ruggedness.
Selectable bias mode and a shutdown mode with low leakage current, improve talk and standby time.
The output match, realized within the module package, optimizes efficiency/linearity at maximum rated output power.
The TQM713024 has robust performance into mismatch and excellent linearity margin under all operating conditions including the ability to operate in LP Mode all the way to full output power.

* InGaP HBT Technology
* High Efficiency: 38% @ 28dBm
* Capable of running as 0-bit PA in low bias mode to 28dBm
* Supports new chipsets with Vref@2.6V
* Optimized for 50 ohm System
* Small 8-pin, 3x3mm module
* Excellent Rx band noise performance
* Lead-free 260°C RoHS Compliant
* Full ESD Protection

* IS-95/CDMA2000
* Single/Dual/Tri Mode CDMA/AMPS phones

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* Dual RF synthesizers
* RF1: 2.3 GHz to 2.6 GHz
* RF2: 750 MHz to 1.7 GHz
* IF synthesizer
* IF: 62.5 MHz to 1.0 GHz
* Integrated VCOs, loop filters, dividers, and phase detectors
* Minimal external components
* Continuous operation over a wide temperature range
* Fast settling time: 200 μsec
* Low phase noise
* 5 μA standby current
* 28-lead MLP, 5 x 5 mm

* Single-mode W-CDMA wireless handsets, terminals, and modems
* Dual-mode GSM/UMTS wireless handsets, terminals, and modems

The Si4133W is a monolithic integrated circuit that performs RF and IF synthesis for GSM/GPRS and W-CDMA wireless communications. In dualmode GSM/UMTS handsets, the Si4133W meets demanding requirements for very low phase noise and fast settling time for both modes. The Si4133W integrates three complete phase-locked loops (PLLs) on a single die including VCOs, loop filters, reference and VCO dividers, and phase detectors. Dividers and powerdown settings are programmable through a three-wire serial interface.



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