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  1. 2008/05/26 LX6512 - High Performance CCFL controller

 Microsemi’s LX6512 is a cost effective, Direct Drive CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) controller.
The integrated controller is optimized to drive CCFL’s (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) using either resonant full bridge inverter topology or push-pull Direct Drive configurations.
Resonant full bridge topology provides near sinusoidal waveforms over a wide supply voltage range in order to maximize the life of CCFL lamps, control EMI emissions, and maximize efficiency.
This new architecture is also coupled with a wide dimming range capability.
For fixed input supply applications the LX6512 uses Direct Drive topology to supply fixed frequency PWM signals connected directly to the high voltage transformer primary via a single pair of NFET drivers, providing a simple, low cost inverter solution.
The LX6512 contains safety features that limit the transformer secondary voltage and protect against fault conditions which include open lamp, broken lamp and short-circuit faults.
The over voltage fault shutdown is disabled during a user programmable interval to allow lamp strike.
The controller can accept a brightness control signal that is either an analog voltage level, or a direct low frequency PWM.
Utilizing this signal it provides CCFL brightness dimming control using digital dimming, to achieve a wide dimming range (> 60 to 1).
An integrated 4V LDO (Low Dropout Regulator) powers all internal control circuitry and up to 5mA for external circuitry greatly simplifying supply voltage requirements.
The LX6512 is available in a 16-Pin TSSOP and 3x3 mm 16pin QFN.

* Full Bridge or Direct Drive Push Pull Configurable
* Patented Striking Topology
* Low Stress to Transformers
* Wide Dimming Range
* Programmable Operating Dimming Frequency
* Programmable Time Out Protection
* Fixed Operating Frequency
* Open Lamp Voltage Protection, Short Lamp Protection, Over Voltage Protection
* Compatible with Existing Transformers

* Note Book LCD displays
* Transportable Computers
* Web Tablet LCD displays
* Digital Picture Frame
* Monitor / TV
* Portable DVD Player


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