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  1. 2006/07/29 UCC3813D-0 - Low Power Economy BiCMOS Current Mode PWM
The UCC3813-0/-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 family of high-speed, low-power integrated circuits contain all of the control and drive components required for off-line and DC-to-DC fixed frequency current-mode switching power supplies with minimal parts count.
These devices have the same pin configuration as the UC3842/3/4/5 family, and also offer the added features of internal full-cycle soft start and internal leading-edge blanking of the current-sense input.
The UCC3813-0/-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 family offers a variety of package options, temperature range options, choice of maximum duty cycle, and choice of critical voltage levels. Lower reference parts such as the UCC3813-3 and UCC3813-5 fit best into battery operated systems, while the higher reference and the higher UVLO hysteresis of the UCC3813-2 and UCC3813-4 make these ideal choices for use in off-line power supplies.
The UCC2813-x series is specified for operation from –40°C to +85°C and the UCC3813-x series is specified for operation from 0°C to +70°C.

- 100uA Typical Starting Supply Current
- 500uA Typical Operating Supply Current
- Operation to 1MHz
- Internal Soft Start
- Internal Fault Soft Start
- Internal Leading-Edge Blanking of the
- Current Sense Signal
- 1 Amp Totem-Pole Output
- 70ns Typical Response from Current-Sense to Gate Drive Output
- 1.5% Tolerance Voltage Reference
- Same Pinout as UCC3802, UC3842, and UC3842A

UCC2813-0, UCC2813-1, UCC2813-2, UCC2813-3, UCC2813-4, UCC2813-5
UCC3813-0, UCC3813-1, UCC3813-2, UCC3813-3, UCC3813-4, UCC3813-5

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