The SP691A/693A/800L/800M is a microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuit that integrates a myriad of components involved in discrete solutions to monitor power-supply and battery-control functions in µP and digital systems. The SP691A/693A/800L/800M offers complete µP monitoring and watchdog functions. The SP691A/693A/800L/800M is ideal for a low-cost battery management solution and is well suited for portable, battery-powered applications with its supply current of 35µA. The 6ns chip-enable propagation delay, the 25mA current output in battery-backup mode, and the 250mA current output in standard operation also makes the SP691A/693A/800L/800M suitable for larger scale, high-performance equipment.

*Precision 4.65V/4.40V Voltage Monitoring
*200ms Or Adjustable Reset Time
*100ms, 1.6s Or Adjustable Watchdog Time
*60µA Maximum Operating Supply Current
*2.0µA Maximum Battery Backup Current
*0.1µA Maximum Battery Standby Current
*Power Switching
-250mA Output in Vcc Mode (0.6Ω)
-25mA Output in Battery Mode (5Ω)
*On-Board Gating of Chip-Enable Signals Memory Write-Cycle Completion 6ns CE Gate Propagation Delay
*Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low Battery
*Backup-Battery Monitor
*RESET Valid to Vcc=1V
*1% Accuracy Guaranteed (SP800L/800M)
*Pin Compatible Upgrade to MAX691A/693A/800L/800M

SP693A, SP800L, SP800M, SP691ACP, SP693ACP, SP800LCP, SP800MCP

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The LX2208 is a single cell Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery charger. The controller will charge a single cell Li-Ion battery from either a wall adapter or a USB power source. A low under-voltage lockout level increases usable charging range from a current limited power source. In addition, there is a linear die temperature thermal control loop, which limits the heat dissipation while still charging the battery. There are three logic selectable and programmable charge current levels: the high charge programming level is typically set for charging from the
wall adapter, the low level charge programming is typically set to 500mA for full USB charging and 100mA (20%) for reduced USB charging.
In addition to setting the high-level charge current, the HCP programming resistor also sets the termination current at 10% of the constant current level and the conditioning current at 5% of the constant current level. Power status indicators STAT and DC OK can be configured to show charge in progress, battery fully charged and external power on. The STAT pin is capable of sourcing or sinking 5mA. The DC OK output is an open drain output and can sink 10mA.
The LX2208 enters a low quiescent current shut down when power is removed from the IN pin or when it is logically shutdown to minimize battery drain.
Protection features include: under voltage lock out, reverse current blocking on the IN pin, internal die temperature thermal loop to reduce charge current to maintain a safe die temperature, and a unsafe battery temperature charge inhibitor. For charging deeply discharged batteries, the controller includes a conditioning charge mode. The LX2208 comes in a 3x3mm 12 pin MLPD package.

*Up to 2A Charging Current
*Integrated Power MOSFET
*Three Charge Levels for Adapter, and USB Hi and Low
* Charge Battery from a Current Limited Adapter
*0.5% Battery Voltage Accuracy
*USB Current Compliance
*Battery Full Indicator
*CC/CV with Thermal Feedback
*Battery Temperature Monitor
*Precision Charge Termination
*Protection features:
-Unsafe Battery Temp Lockout
-Internal IC Temp Regulator
-USB Current Limiter
-Reverse Current Blocking
-Under Voltage Lockout
-False Termination Prevention under Low Supply Conditions

*Navigation Devices
*Multi-Media Players
*Handheld Devices
*Digital Cameras

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The ACT3704 is a complete linear charging solution for single cell Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries.
It incorporates an internal 12V power MOSFET for Constant-Current, Constant-Voltage control
The battery regulation voltage accuracy is ± 0.5% and can be set to either 4.1V or 4.2V.
The charge current is programmed with an external resistor to a maximum of 1A to minimize total charge time.
The reverse leakage current from the battery is less than 1μA if the input adaptor is disconnected or if there is a reverse battery connection.
The ACT3704 is available in thermally-enhanced SOP-8/EP, and TDFN33-8 packages to accommodate high charge current operation and minimize total charging time.

• Internal High Voltage MOSFET
• Up to 12V Input Voltage
• ±0.5% Output Voltage Accuracy
• Charge Current Thermal Foldback
• Programmable Termination Voltage
• Programmable Fast Charge Current
• Programmable Charging Timer
• No Blocking Diode Required
• Low Reverse Leakage
• Preconditioning for Deeply Depleted Battery
• Low Quiescent Current Standby Mode
• Space-Saving, Thermally-Enhanced SOP- 8/EP, TDFN33-8

• Mobile Phone
• Wireless Headsets
• Portable Media Players
• Cradle Chargers
• Portable Devices


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* Fully integrated solution, with a power MOSFET, reverse blocking diode, sense resistor, and thermal protection
* Ideal for coke and graphite anode single-cell LI-ION packs
* Both linear and quasi-pulse operation
* Closed loop thermal control
* USB BUS-compatible
* Programmable charge current up to 1A
* Programmable pre-charge current
* Programmable end-of-charge current
* Programmable pre-charge voltage threshold
* Programmable charge timer
* Programmable output voltage at 4.1V and 4.2V, with ±1% output voltage accuracy
* (NTC) or (PTC) thermistor interface for battery temperature monitoring and protection
* Flexible charge process termination
* Status outputs to drive LEDs or to interface with a host processor
* Small VFQFPN 16-leads package (3mm x 3mm)

Handheld devices
Cellular phones
Digital cameras
Standalone chargers
USB-Powered chargers


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The ISL6256, ISL6256A is a highly integrated battery charger controller for Li-Ion/Li-Ion polymer batteries. High Efficiency is achieved by a synchronous buck topology and the use of a MOSFET, instead of a diode, for selecting power from the adapter or battery. The low side MOSFET emulates a diode at light loads to improve the light load efficiency and prevent
system bus boosting.
The constant output voltage can be selected for 2, 3 and 4 series Li-Ion cells with 0.5% accuracy over-temperature. It can also be programmed between 4.2V+5%/cell and 4.2V- 5%/cell to optimize battery capacity. When supplying the load and battery charger simultaneously, the input current limit for the AC adapter is programmable to within 3% accuracy to avoid overloading the AC adapter, and to allow the system to make efficient use of available adapter power for charging. It also has a wide range of programmable charging current. The
ISL6256, ISL6256A provides outputs that are used to monitor the current drawn from the AC adapter, and monitor for the presence of an AC adapter. The ISL6256, ISL6256A automatically transitions from regulating current mode to regulating voltage mode.
ISL6256, ISL6256A has a feature for automatic power source selection by switching to the battery when the AC adapter is removed or switching to the AC adapter when the AC adapter
is available. It also provides a DC adapter monitor to support aircraft power applications with the option of no battery charging.

• ±0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy (-10°C to +100°C)
• ±3% Accurate Input Current Limit
• ±3% Accurate Battery Charge Current Limit
• ±25% Accurate Battery Trickle Charge Current Limit
• Programmable Charge Current Limit, Adapter Current Limit and Charge Voltage
• Fixed 300kHz PWM Synchronous Buck Controller with Diode Emulation at Light Load
• Overvoltage Protection
• Output for Current Drawn from AC Adapter
• AC Adapter Present Indicator
• Fast Input Current Limit Response
• Input Voltage Range 7V to 25V
• Support 2-, 3- and 4-Cells Battery Pack
• Up to 17.64V Battery-Voltage Set Point
• Control Adapter Power Source Select MOSFET
• Thermal Shutdown
• Aircraft Power Capable
• DC Adapter Present Indicator
• Battery Discharge MOSFET Control
• Less than 10μA Battery Leakage Current
• Supports Pulse Charging
• Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)

• Notebook, Desknote and Sub-notebook Computers
• Personal Digital Assistant


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The ISL12032 device is a low power real time clock with 50/60 AC input for timing synchronization. It also has an oscillator utilizing an external crystal for timing back-up,
clock/calendar registers, intelligent battery back-up switching, battery voltage monitor, brownout indicator, integrated trickle charger for super capacitor, single periodic or polled alarms, POR supervisory function, and up to 4 Event Detect with time stamp. There are 128 bytes of battery-backed user SRAM.
The oscillator uses a 50/60 cycle sine wave input, backed by an external, low-cost, 32.768kHz crystal. The real time clock tracks time with separate registers for hours, minutes, and seconds. The calendar registers contain the date, month, year, and day of the week. The calendar is accurate through year 2100, with automatic leap year correction and auto daylight savings correction.

• 50/60 Cycle AC as a Primary Clock Input for RTC Timing
• Redundant Crystal Clock Input Selectable by User
- Dynamically Switch from AC Clock Input to Crystal in Case of Power Failure
• Real Time Clock/Calendar
- Tracks Time in Hours, Minutes, Seconds and tenths of a second
- Day of the Week, Day, Month, and Year
• Auto Daylight Saving Time Correction
- Programmable Forward and Backward Dates
• Security and Event Functions
- Event Detection with Time Stamp
- Stores First and Last Three Event Time Stamps
• Separate FOUT Pin
- 7 Selectable Frequency Outputs
• Dual Alarms with Hardware and Register Indicators
- Hardware Single Event or Pulse Interrupt Mode
• Automatic Backup to Battery or Super Capacitor
- VBAT Operation Down to 1.8V
- 1.0μA Battery Supply Current
• Two Battery Status Monitors with Selectable Levels
- Seven Selectable Voltages for Each Level
- 1st Level, Trip Points from 4.675V to 2.125V
- 2nd Level, Trip Points from 4.125V to 1.875V
• VDD Power Brownout Monitor
- Six Selectable Trip Levels, from 4.675V to 2.295V
• Time Stamp during Power to Battery and Battery to Power Switchover
• Integrated Trickle Charger
- Four Selectable Charging Rates
• 128 Bytes Battery-Backed User SRAM
• I2C Interface
- 400kHz Data Transfer Rate
• Pb-free (RoHS compliant)

• Utility Meters
• Control Applications
• Security Related Applications
• Vending Machines
• White Goods
• Consumer Electronics

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General Description
The AAT3663 BatteryManager™ is a member of AnalogicTech’s Total Power Management IC™
family. This device is an integrated single/dual cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) / polymer battery charger IC designed to operate from USB ports or an AC adapter inputs up to an input voltage of 13.2V.
AAT3663 precisely regulates battery charge voltage and current for 4.2V and 8.4V Li-Ion battery
cells. The battery charging current is user programmed up to 1A by an external resistor.
Battery charge state is continuously monitored for fault conditions. A Digital Thermal Loop Control maintains the maximum possible battery charging current for the optimum set of input to output power dissipation and ambient temperature conditions. In the event of an over-current, over-voltage, shortcircuit, or over-temperature fault condition, the device will automatically shut down, thus protecting the charger and the battery under charge.
Two status monitor output pins are provided to indicate the battery charge status by directly driving external LEDs. Additionally, an open-drain powersource detection output (ADPP#) is provided to report presence of an input power supply
The AAT3663 is available in a thermally enhanced, space-saving, 14-pin 3x3 mm TDFN package and is specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

• 4.0V ~ 13.2V Input Voltage Range
• Compatible with USB or AC Adapter Sources
• Programmable Fast Charge Current from 100mA to 1A
• Programmable Charge Termination Current
• Digital Thermal Loop Charge Reduction
• Less Than 0.4μA Battery Leakage Current
• Programming Charge Timer
• Battery Temperature Sensing
• Battery Temp Sense Open Circuit Detection
• Automatic Recharge Sequencing
• Automatic Trickle Charge for Battery Pre-Conditioning
• Automatic Charge Termination Shutdown/Sleep Mode
• Less than 1μA Shutdown Current
• Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection
• Power On Reset and Soft Start
• 3x3mm 14-pin TDFN Package

• Bluetooth™ Headset
• Cell Phones
• Digital Still Cameras
• MP3 Players
• Personal Data Assistants (PDAs)
• Other Li-Ion Battery Powered Devices


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The MB39A119 is the N-ch MOS drive of the synchronous rectification type DC/DC converter IC using pulsewidth modulation (PWM) type that can charge Li-ion battery from 1 cell to 4 cells and suitable for down-conversion.
This IC integrates built-in comparator for the voltage detection of the AC adapter and switches the power supply to the AC adapter or battery automatically, enabling supply it to system. In addition, the constant voltage control state detection function is built in, which prevents mis-detecting the full charge. The MB39A119 provides a wide range of power supply voltage and low standby current, high efficiency, making it ideal for use as a built-in charge device in products such as notebook PC.

• High efficiency : 97 % (Max)
• High-frequency operation : 1 MHz (Max)
• Built-in off time control function
• Built-in voltage detection function of AC adapter (ACOK, XACOK terminal)
• Preventing mis-detection for the full charge by the constant voltage control state detection function (CVM terminal)


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General Description
The AAT3683 BatteryManager is a highly integrated single-cell lithium-ion / polymer (Li-Ion) battery  charger that operates from a USB port or an AC adapter input up to an input voltage of 6.5V.
The AAT3683 precisely regulates battery charge voltage and current for 4.2V Li-Ion battery cells.
The battery charging current can be set by an external resistor up to 1A.
Digital Thermal Loop Control maintains the maximum possible battery charging current for the given set of input to output power dissipation and ambient temperature conditions.
Battery charge state is continuously monitored for fault conditions. In the event of an over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, or over-temperature condition, the device will shut down automatically, thus protecting the charging device, control system, and the battery under charge. A status monitor output pin is provided to indicate the battery charge status by directly driving an external LED.
An open-drain power source detection output is provided to report the power supply status.
The AAT3683 is available in the Pb-free, thermallyenhanced, space-saving 2.2x2.2mm 10-pin STDFN (AAT3683-2 and -3) and 16-pin QFN33 (AAT3683-4) packages and is specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

• USB or AC Adapter Input
• Programmable from 100mA to 1A
• 4.0V to 6.5V Input Voltage Range
• High Level of Integration with Internal:
— Charging Device
— Reverse Blocking Diode
— Current Sensing
• Digital Thermal Regulation
• Charge Current Programming (ISET)
• Charge Termination Current Programming (TERM)
• Charge Timer (CT)
• Battery Temperature Sensing (TS)
• TS Pin Open Detection
• Automatic Recharge Sequencing
• Automatic Trickle Charge for Battery Pre- Conditioning (no trickle charge option available)
• Full Battery Charge Auto Turn-Off / Sleep Mode / Charge Termination
• 1μA Max. Shutdown Current
• Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection
• Emergency Thermal Protection
• Power On Reset and Soft Start
• 2.2x2.2mm STDFN-10 (AAT3863-2 and -3) and QFN33-16 (AAT3683-4) Packages

• Bluetooth Headsets, Headphones, Accessories
• Cellular Phones
• Digital Still Cameras
• MP3, Portable Music, and Portable Media Players
• Personal Data Assistants Handheld Computers
• Other Li-Ion Battery-Powered Devices


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