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 Combining logic and power, the UDN2936W-120 provides commutation and drive for three-phase brushless dc motors.
Each of the three outputs are rated at 45 V and ±2 A (±3 A peak), and include internal ground clamp and flyback diodes.
The driver also features internal commutation logic, PWM current control, and thermal shutdown
The UDN2936W-120 is compatible with single-ended digital or linear Hall effect sensors.
The commutating logic is programmed for 120° electrical separation.
The UDN2936W-120 can replace the original UDN2936W (60° electrical separation) by simply adding an inverter at the H2 input.
Current control is accomplished by sensing current through an external sense resistor and pulse-width modulating the source drivers.
Voltage thresholds and hysteresis can be externally set by the user.
If desired, internal threshold and hysteresis defaults (300 mV, 7.5 percent) can be used.
The UDN2936W-120 also includes braking and direction control.
Internal protection circuitry prevents crossover current when braking or changing direction.
The UDN2936W-120 is also available for operation between -40°C and +85°C.
To order, change the prefix from ‘UDN’ to ‘UDQ’.
For maximum power-handling capability, the UDN2936W-120 is supplied in 12-pin single in-line power-tab package.
An external heat sink may be required for high-current applications.
The tab is at ground potential and needs no insulation.

* 10 V to 45 V Operation
* ±3 A Peak Output Current
* Internal Clamp Diodes
* Internal PWM Current Control
* 120° Commutation Decoding Logic
* Thermal Shutdown Protection
* Compatible with Single-Ended or Differential Hall-Effect Sensors
* Braking and Direction Control


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