Product Description
RFMD’s SBB-3089Z is a high performance InGaP HBT MMIC amplifier utilizing a Darlington configuration with an active bias network. The active bias network provides stable current over temperature and process Beta variations. The SBB-3089Z product is designed for high linearity 5V gain block applications that require excellent gain flatness, small size, and minimal external components. It is internally matched to 50Ω.

*Single Fixed 5V Supply
*Patented Self Bias Circuit and Thermal Design
*Gain=16.4dBm at 1950MHz
*P1dB=15.2dBm at 1950MHz
*OIP3=29.5dBm at 1950MHz
*Robust 1000V ESD, Class 1C HBM
*MSL 1 Moisture Rating

*PA Driver Amplifier
*Cellular, PCS, GSM, UMTS
*IF Amplifier
*Wireless Data, Satellite
*Wideband Instrumentation

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