IR2E51Y incorporates white LED driver with auto brightness control.
This IC is equipped with charge pump DC/DC converter.
Input voltage is boosted into CPO by a charge pump circuit.
This IC maintains high efficiency since the charge pump circuit automatically selects 1x or 1.5x charge pump mode depending on input voltage and load.
It contains 4 white LED drivers to drive the main-LCD backlight, 2 white LED drivers for sub-LCD backlight and RGB-LED drivers.
All LED are connected in parallel.
With peripheral ambient light sensor, this IC automatically adjusts white LED brightness to ambient brightness.
This IC supports I2C-Bus interface.
This product is optimum for use as the backlight white LED driver IC for cellular phone and PDA applications, etc.

1. Supply Voltage Range: VIN=3.0V to 4.5V, VCC=2.3V to 3.2V
2. Supports I2C-Bus interface
3. SCL pin and SDA pin are installed with noise filters.
4. Sink-type variable constant current driver for LED (maximum current 27.4mA/ch)
5. Monitoring all LED pins (Response to VF variation of LED)
6.Auto brightness control circuit for main-LCD embedded. (16 steps and 128 gradation sequence)
7.PWM LED Brightness Control (0% to 100%) (RGB) (The PWM signal frequency of 2kHz to 5kHz is recommended.)
8.1x/1.5x Modes Charge Pump: Automatically Selected
9.Voltage reference embedded
10.Stand-by circuit embedded
11.Power-on-reset circuit embedded
12.Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current
13.Effective illuminance range (3lx to 55000lx) (GA1A1S201WP)

■Agency approvals/Compliance
1. Compliant with RoHS directive(2002/95/EC)

1.Back light and call alert display (White & RGB LED)

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General Description
The SCAN25100 is a 2457.6, 1228.8, and 614.4 Mbps serializer/ deseralizer (SerDes) for high-speed bidirectional serial data transmission over FR-4 printed circuit board backplanes, balanced cables, and optical fiber. The SCAN25100 integrates precision delay calibration measurement (DCM) circuitry that measures link delay components to better than ± 800 ps accuracy.
The SCAN25100 features independent transmit and receive PLLs, on-chip oscillator, and intelligent clock management circuitry to automatically perform remote radio head synchronization and reduce the cost and complexity of external clock networks. The SCAN25100 is programmable though an MDIO interface as well as through pins, featuring configurable transmitter deemphasis, receiver equalization, speed rate selection, internal
pattern generation/verification, and loop back modes. In addition to at-speed BIST, the SCAN25100 includes IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.6 testability.

■ Exceeds LV and HV CPRI voltage and jitter requirements
■ 2457.6, 1228.8, and 614.4 Mbps operation
■ Integrated delay calibration measurement (DCM) directly measures T14 and Toffset delays to ≤ ± 800 ps

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