The NAND04G-B2D and NAND08G-BxC are part of the NAND Flash 2112 byte/1056 word page family of non-volatile Flash memories.
They use NAND cell technology have a density of 4 Gbits and 8 Gbits, respectively.
The NAND04G-B2D memory array is split into 2 planes of 2048 blocks each.
This multiplane architecture makes it possible to program 2 pages at a time (one in each plane),
or to erase 2 blocks at a time (one in each plane).
This feature reduces the average program and erase times by 50%.
The NAND08G-BxC is a stacked device that combines two NAND04G-B2D dice, both of which feature a multiplane architecture.
In the NAND08G-B2C devices, only one of the memory components can be enabled at a time, therefore, operations can only be performed on one of the memory components at any one time.
In the NAND08G-B4C devices, each NAND04G-B2D die can be accessed independently using two sets of signals.
The devices operate from a 1.8 V or 3 V voltage supply.
Depending on whether the device has a x8 or x16 bus width, the page size is 2112 bytes (2048 + 64 spare) or or 1056 words (1024 + 32 spare), respectively.
The address lines are multiplexed with the data input/output signals on a multiplexed x8
input/output bus.
This interface reduces the pin count and makes it possible to migrate to other densities without changing the footprint.
Each block can be programmed and erased over 100 000 cycles with ECC (error correction
code) on.
To extend the lifetime of NAND Flash devices, the implementation of an ECC is strongly recommended.
A Write Protect pin is available to provide hardware protection against program and erase
The devices feature an open-drain ready/busy output that identifies if the P/E/R (program/erase/read) Controller is currently active.
The use of an open-drain output allows the ready/busy pins from several memories to connect to a single pull-up resistor.
A Copy Back Program command is available to optimize the management of defective blocks. When a page program operation fails, the data can be programmed in another page without having to resend the data to be programmed.
An embedded error detection code is automatically executed after each copy back operation: 1 error bit can be detected for every 528 bits.
With this feature it is no longer necessary, nor recommended, to use an external 2- bit ECC to detect copy back operation errors.
The devices have a cache read feature that improves the read throughput for large files.
During cache reading, the device loads the data in a Cache Register while the previous data is transferred to the I/O buffers to be read.
The devices have the Chip Enable ‘don’t care’ feature, which allows code to be directly downloaded by a microcontroller.
This is possible because Chip Enable transitions during the latency time do not stop the read operation.
Both the NAND04G-B2D and NAND08G-BxC support the ONFI 1.0 specification.

* High density NAND Flash Memory
- Up to 8 Gbit memory array
- Cost-effective solution for mass storage applications
* NAND interface
- x8 or 16x bus width
- Multiplexed address/data
* Supply voltage: 1.8 V or 3.0 V device
* Page size
- x8 device: (2048 + 64 spare) bytes
- x16 device: (1024 + 32 spare) words
* Block size
- x8 device: (128K + 4 K spare) bytes
- x16 device: (64K + 2 K spare) words
* Multiplane architecture
- Array split into two independent planes
- Program/erase operations can be performed on both planes at the same time
* Page read/program
- Random access: 25 μs (max)
- Sequential access: 25 ns (min)
- Page program time: 200 μs (typ)
- Multiplane page program time (2 pages): 200 μs (typ)
* Copy back program with automatic error detection code (EDC)
* Cache read mode
* Fast block erase
- Block erase time: 1.5 ms (typ)
- Multiblock erase time (2 blocks): 1.5 ms (typ)
* Status Register
* Electronic signature
* Chip Enable ‘don’t care’
* Serial number option
* Data protection:
- Hardware program/erase disabled during power transitions
- Non-volatile protection option
* ONFI 1.0 compliant command set
* Data integrity
- 100 000 program/erase cycles (with ECC (error correction code))
- 10 years data retention
* ECOPACK® packages


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