International Rectifier's IRAM136-1060B is a 10A, 600V Integrated Power Hybrid IC designed for advanced Appliance Motor Drives applications. Typical applications include energy efficient Washing Machine, Fans, Air Conditions and Refrigerator Compressor Drivers. This module offers an extremely compact, high performance AC motor-driver in an isolated package that simplifies design. Several built-in protection features such as over current, temperature monitoring, shoot through prevention and under voltage lockout makes this a very robust solution. The combination of highly efficient Trench IGBT technology and the industry benchmark 3-phase HVIC driver (3.3V/5V input compatible) and a fully isolated thermally enhanced package makes this a highly competitive solution. The compact Single in line (SIP05) package minimizes PCB space.

*Internal Shunt Resistor and current feedback
*Integrated gate drivers and bootstrap diodes
*Temperature feedback
*Programmable over current protection pin
*High efficiency Trench IGBT technology
*Under-voltage lockout for all channels
*Matched propagation delay for all channels
*3.3V/5V Schmitt-triggered input logic
*Cross-conduction prevention logic
*Motor Power range 0.25~0.75kW / 85~253 Vac
*Isolation 2000VRMS min and CTI> 600

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