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  1. 2008/02/11 SML2108 - Laser Diode Adaptive Power Controller

* Integrated Bias Current Monitor
" Monitors & Measures Laser Temperature Directly
" Eliminates Need for External Thermistor & Thermal Coupling Issues
" Alarm Output on Over-temperature Condition
* Adaptive Modulation Control (AMC)
" Adjusts Modulation Current as a Function of the Laser Temperature
" 8 × 8 Programmable Compensation Table
" 256 Independent Compensation Values
" Integrated 8-Bit Modulation Control DAC
* Flexible Biasing Architecture
" Bias Control and Modulation Control: 0 to 10mA / 0 to 100 mA Source, 0 to 100mA Sink
* Automatic Power Control (APC) with Integrated 10-Bit Programmable Offset
" Automatic Initial Bias Optimization
* Electronic Calibration Through 2-wire Interface
* 3V or 5V Operation

The SML2108 is an adaptive power controller for laser diodes. It is the industry's first integrated device that can directly monitor and measure a laser diode's temperature, and provide a variable modulation current. The SML2108's integrated active feedback loop is used to
calibrate and control the mean and modulation power of high speed, high power laser diodes.
Inherent manufacturing tolerances introduce variations of performance in laser diodes. These variations, combined with parametric changes over the laser’s extreme temperature
range and laser ageing, call for an efficient temperature compensation scheme. Using an internal digital control loop and a programmable nonvolatile compensation lookup table, the SML2108 provides the most optimum adaptive power control with a minimum number
of external components.
The SML2108 removes the need for any manual calibration of the laser control circuit, which is currently the industry standard practice. All calibration values are programmed through the 2-wire communication interface,
which can be controlled by most production ATE equipment. Programming of configuration, control and calibration values by the user can be simplified with the interface adapter and Windows GUI software obtainable from Summit Microelectronics. The SML2108 is available in 48 lead TQFP.

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