General Description
 Most main plant control systems within large buildings require feedback variables such as temperature from the Fan Coil Units (FCUs) or Variable Air Volume (VAVs) units on each floor, to give the correct demand signal to the Boilers, Chillers and Air Handling Units (AHUs).
In a typical building with over 500 floor controls, it is not feasible to connect the feedback temperature from each controller back to the main plant.
This would flood the backbone network with messages as each sensor in the entire building transmits its data back to one controller in the plant room.
The InfraTrol AVG 5x5 averaging module collects all the temperatures for five individual zones and provides the average value of each zone for transmission to the main plant, greatly reducing network traffic on the backbone.
The unit also provides a relay function for a enable signals from the main plant controls.
A single enable message is sent to each floor via the InfraTrol AVG relay function block using acknowledged service, and the output of this network relay function is connected to each floor control.
The relay can repeatedly (using a configurable heartbeat timer) broadcast the signal to the floor controls without using up network bandwidth on the backbone.

* 5 Individual Averaging Objects each reading up to 5 variables (changeable SNVT type)
* 5 Relay function objects for ‘Enable’ variables
* Simple, configuration
* Optimises use of backbone bandwidth

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