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  1. 2009/04/09 PGR20312 - APD Receiver Module up to 3 Gb/s
Fiber optic receiver front-end module for STM-16 and OC-48 WDM applications. The module includes an InGaAs Avalanche Photo Diode (APD), with a low noise GaAs MMIC preamplifier in a 14 pin butterfly package.The module is equipped with an internal thermistor. The single-mode fiber pigtail is terminated with a customer specified connector. The module operates
between 1250 and 1620 nm. The electrical outputs are AC-coupled and differential.

Key Features
*Hermetic, 14 pin butterfly package with multisourced footprint
*FC/PC, SC or ST connector
*InGaAs APD with low noise GaAs MMIC preamplifier
*AC-coupled, differential data output
*Operates between 1250 nm and 1620 nm
*2.0 GHz minimum bandwidth
*-34 dBm typical sensitivity
*-3 dBm typical overload

*Digital recievers to 3 Gb/s
*Analog receivers to 2.0 GHz

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