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  1. 2008/07/03 AS3336G - Precision Multiple Analog Switches
General Description
The AS3336 consist of four independently controlled single-pole double-throw analog switches along with several logic gates.
This precision multiple analog switch is designed to control, multiplex & de-multiplex analog signals with a high degree of accuracy.
An improved charge injection compensation design minimizes switching transients.
AS3336 is designed on an HV CMOS process, resulting in higher speed and lower power consumption.
Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on.
When off, they block voltages up to the power-supply levels.

* 12V Supply Maximum Ratings
* Low On-Resistance (45W max)
* Flat On-Resistance Over Analog Signal Range (D10 W max)
* Low On-Resistance Match Between Channel (4W max)
* Low Power Dissipation
* Fast Switching Times
- tON < 175 ns
- tOFF< 145 ns
* Low Leakage Currents (3.5 nA max) on analog switches
* Low Charge Injection (10 pC max)
*l Low Charge Injection (10 pC max)
* All AME's Lead Free Products Meet RoHS Standards

* Audio Switching
* Test Equipment
* Portable Instrumentation
* Communication Systems

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