The AN12974A audio power amplifier features built-in AGC circuitry and Spatializer environ.
The Spatializer environ is Desper Products, Inc.'s exclusive signal processing technology that is able to generate surround sound for low-power mobile applications. The technology is based on the company’s commercial 3D audio production system, PROSpatializer Audio Production System. The AN12974A IC employs the same innovative technology of the PRO-Spatializer Audio Production System to enhance sound for products with close proximity speakers such as those on headphones and cellular phones to expand the soundfield for a much more spacious sound.

*Delivers spacious 3D sound for a stereo system with such as cellular phones' speakers in close proximity.
*The AGC circuitry can activate to minimize distortion, raising the average volume level and it can prevent speaker from breaking when an input level is too high.
*High output BTL power amplifier, when AGC is on, speaker output: 700mW (VCC-SP = 4.2 V, RL = 8 Ω, when AGC is on, the rate of the output wave pattern's distortion would be approximately 1%)
*Operating supply voltage: VCC = 2.55 V to 3.5 V, VCC-SP = 2.55 V to 4.5 V

*Cellular phones, PDAs and portable DVD players

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