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  1. 2008/04/15 LA317 - 1.0A Adustable Positive Voltage Regulator
General Description
• The LA317 is an adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulator with a very low dropout of 1.2V at 1A output current.
Using 2 external resistors, the LA317 can provide an adjustable output voltage down to 1.25V.
• The LA317 is available in standard SOT-223, D-PACK, TO-220 and D2-PACK packages.

• Typical 1% output voltage tolerance
• Typical 0.01%/V line reglation
• Typical 0.2% Load Regulation
• Very low dropout voltage: 1.2V at 1A output current
• Trimmed current limit
• On-chip thermal protection
• RoHS Compliance

• PC Motherboard
• LCD Monitor
• Graphic Card
• DVD Player
• Network Interface Card/Switch
• Telecom Equipment
• Printer and other Peripheral Equipment

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