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  1. 2008/03/29 PCI 9080 - PCI I/O ACCELERATOR
 PCI 9080 provides a compact, high performance PCI bus master interface for adapter boards and embedded systems.
The programmable local bus of the chip can be configured to directly connect a wide variety of processors, controllers and memory subsystems.
PCI 9080 contains an Intelligent I/O (I2O) messaging unit that allows high performance and compatible software implementations of the I2O bus protocol specification.
Users of the PCI 9060, 9060ES and 9060SD chips may upgrade their products to support I2O, 3.3 Volts and other new features with little or no change to existing hardware and software.
PCI 9080 provides eight programmable FIFOs.
Each operating mode—slave, direct, master, and DMA channel—have dedicated, independent read and write FIFOs.
PCI 9080 also allows a local processor to configure other PCI devices in the system.

• PCI Version 2.1 compliant Bus Master Interface chip for adapters and embedded systems
• I2O Compatible Messaging Unit
• 3.3 or 5 Volt PCI signaling, 5 volt core, low-power CMOS in 208-pin PQFP
• Two independent DMA channels for local bus memory to/from PCI host bus data transfers
• Eight programmable FIFOs for zero wait state burst operation
• PCI Local data transfers up to 132 MB/sec
• Programmable local bus supports nonmultiplexed 32-bit address/data, multiplexed 32 or 16 bit, and slave accesses of 32, 16, or 8 bit local bus devices
• Local bus runs asynchronously to the PCI bus
• Eight 32 bit mailbox and two 32 bit doorbell registers
• Performs Big Endian/Little Endian conversion
• Upward compatibility with PCI 9060/9060ES/9060SD

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