Product Description
Sirenza Microdevices’ XD010-51S-D4F 15W power module is a robust 2-stage Class A/AB amplifier module is a driver stage in many 900 MHz applications. The power transistors are fabricated using Sirenza's latest, high performance LDMOS process. This unit operates from a single voltage supply and has internal temperature compensation of the bias voltage to ensure stable performance over the full temperature range. It is a drop-in, no-tune solution for medium power applications requiring high efficiency, excellent linearity, and unit-to-unit repeatability. It is internally matched to 50 ohms.

Product Features
*Available in RoHS compliant packaging
*50 W RF impedance
*15W Output P1dB
*Single Supply Operation : Nominally 28V
*High Gain: 32 dB at 915 MHz
*High Efficiency: 30% at 915 MHz
*Robust 8000V ESD (HBM), Class 3B
*Temperature Compensation

*Point to Multipoint data radio systems


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