The M25P05-A is a 512-Kbit (64 Kbits ×8) serial flash memory, with advanced write protection mechanisms, accessed by a high speed SPI-compatible bus.
The memory can be programmed 1 to 256 bytes at a time, using the page program instruction.
The memory is organized as 2 sectors, each containing 128 pages.
Each page is 256 bytes wide.
Thus, the whole memory can be viewed as consisting of 256 pages, or 65,536 bytes.
The whole memory can be erased using the bulk erase instruction, or a sector at a time, using the sector erase instruction.

* 512 Kbits of flash memory
* Page program (up to 256 bytes) in 1.4 ms (typical)
* Sector erase (256 Kbits) in 0.65 s (typical)
* Bulk erase (512 Kbits) in 0.85 s (typical)
* 2.3 to 3.6 V single supply voltage
* SPI bus compatible serial interface
* 50 MHz clock rate (maximum)
* Deep power-down mode 1 μA (typical)
* Electronic signatures
- JEDEC standard two-byte signature (2010h)
- RES instruction, one-byte, signature (05h), for backward compatibility
* More than 100,000 erase/program cycles per sector
* More than 20 years data retention
* ECOPACK® packages available

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