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  1. 2007/07/31 K7P163666A - 512Kx36 & 1Mx18 SRAM
512Kx36 & 1Mx18 Synchronous Pipelined SRAM

• 512Kx36 or 1Mx18 Organizations.
• 2.5V Core/1.5V Output Power Supply (1.9V max VDDQ).
• HSTL Input and Output Levels.
• Differential, HSTL Clock Inputs K, K.
• Synchronous Read and Write Operation
• Registered Input and Registered Output
• Internal Pipeline Latches to Support Late Write.
• Byte Write Capability(four byte write selects, one for each 9bits)
• Synchronous or Asynchronous Output Enable.
• Power Down Mode via ZZ Signal.
• Programmable Impedance Output Drivers.
• JTAG 1149.1 Compatible Test Access port.
• 119(7x17)Pin Ball Grid Array Package(14mmx22mm).

The K7P163666A and K7P161866A are 18,874,368 bit Synchronous Pipeline Mode SRAM. It is organized as 524,288 words of 36 bits(or 1,048,576 words of 18 bits)and is implemented in SAMSUNGs advanced CMOS technology.
Single differential HSTL level K clocks are used to initiate the read/write operation and all internal operations are self-timed. At the updated from output registers edge of the next rising edge of the K clock. An internal write data buffer allows write data to follow one
cycle after addresses and controls. The package is 119(7x17) Ball Grid Array with balls on a 1.27mm pitch.


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