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  1. 2009/04/07 HFET2MI - 0.5-μm HFET 2MI
General Description
The 0.5-μm Heterostructure FET (HFET) process is a depletion-mode 2MI (2-metal-interconnect) process for applications through 20 GHz. The HFET I-V characteristics provide for high power, high linearity, extraordinary transconductance uniformity and high breakdown voltages. Passives include 2 thick-metal interconnect layers, precision TaN resistors, GaAs resistors, MIM capacitors and throughsubstrate vias. The capacitor-over-via process aides in size compaction and offers excellent grounds at higher frequencies.

*0.5-μm amplifier transistors
*0.5-μm switch transistors
*0.5-μm diodes
*Device passivation
*High-Q passives
*MIM capacitors
*TaN resistors
*GaAs resistors
*2 metal layers
*Air bridges
*Substrate vias
*Operation up to Vd = 10 V

*Up to 20 GHz
*Power amplifiers
*Driver amplifiers
*AGC amplifiers
*Limiting amplifiers
*Transimpedance amplifiers
*Differential amplifiers

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